More Golden Ticket Progress Points!

More progression points on the ‘sign-ups’ from the Golden Ticket.
At the moment there are only 3 and it would be much better if we could differentiate if the person was interested and did, in fact, order a card.

5 points

  1. Email Added
  2. Downloaded Monzo
  3. Card Ordered
  4. Card Received
  5. Card Used
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That wouldn’t work I don’t think as card order and receipt isn’t tracked.

App downloaded would need you to sign up for it to identify you and the sign up will trigger the card order - so I think it is as good as it can be.

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I agree that “First card ordered” or “ID verification complete” would be a good progression point since this is probably where people take the most time and I think the card is automatically ordered after ID verification is complete.

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That is how it should be, however, they can verify customers without them ordering a card because they can add their email without doing the ID check and therefore can download without actually applying. I know this as several of my friends have downloaded the app and added their emails but then decided not to do it because they didn’t have a passport or any other form of ID. As shown below…

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Yea on second thoughts ID Verification Complete would be a good extra point, as my sister And a work colleague I referred both took a week to do this; but I don’t recall when I signed up having to “request a card” - i think this is automatic after the verification is complete.

I would argue though that this is intended to just be a rough indicator, and so it is unlikely that much further development will go into it now, unless the golden ticket mechanism changes drastically.