More flexible budgeting

Some of us get paid every LAST Friday of the month, so
It would be useful to be able to budget from a date that may change from month to month.

You can do that already for last Friday of every month.

Oh, odd. How?

Can’t you select it to work from your salary payment instead of a date?

You choose a Custom period, set it to run from the 31st, and then choose the last working day before that if the 31st is not a working day.

That won’t work. In August the 31st is a monday so it’ll predict that’s pay day when it’s actually the 28th

Thanks guys. That makes sense

Oh yeah. Ignore me.

So actually, there is no way of setting it. There is no option to allow the saving / Budgets to reset in a monthly period using potentially different dates.

Instead one would need to refresh their budget goalposts each month dependent on when that last working Friday fell.