Monzo's Den


Putting this in general chat because it’s such a ridiculous idea.

New start up companies bidding for investors could send in Dragons Den style videos to Monzo which would be uploaded to the forums, along with how much money they are requesting and for what percentage of their company. Monzo users could then view the video and if they like the company, use the app to select what amount of money they are willing to invest. If the company gets the amount of money they are after then the funds get released.

I’m sure the legalities of this and how it would be implemented would be unrealistic but it would be so much fun!


I don’t like it, but kudos to you for thinking outside the box! :sunglasses:

(Herp Derp) #3

I’ve seen this done on a crowdfunding website, can’t remember what one though

(Andy) #4

It’s replicating Seedrs and Crowdcube who do it well already (I prefer Crowdcube for a number of reasons).

I can imagine a scenario where the next raise for Monzo is done via the marketplace where a link out to Crowdcube allows Monzo customers to buy shares. The only real problem here is that to buy investments like this you need to fill in a “sophisticated investor questionaire” which may not suit all buyers and isn’t a pretty workflow.