Monzo's 7th Birthday 🎉

It’s our 7th birthday! :birthday: :tada:

We’ve taken a look back over seven of our top moments from the past seven years…

:seven: Monzo Bus (Beep Beep)

:six: When a member of the public interrupted a company All Hands meeting by waving their Monzo card at us through a window.
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:five: Reading about the impact our gambling block has had on the lives of our customers.

:four: We raised £1m in 96 seconds, in our 2016 crowdfunding round :exploding_head:

:three: We made an advert! :tv:

:two: When the whole company pitched in to help with customer service

At the end of 2018, we’d ended up with a bit of a backlog in our customer support. While we worked hard to make sure it didn’t happen again, teams across the company pitched in to make sure nobody was left hanging.

:one: The time one of our engineers brought his cat into the office, at the worst possible timing… :cat: :pouch: :office:

We can’t say much about this one but it’s a pretty special memory for a lot of Monzonauts :smile:


Was it ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’?


@Dunsford beat you to it!


By seven minutes as well!


Bored pensioner reads twitter while waiting for kettle to boil :coffee::grinning:


I think this would have been #1 if you’d have implemented our concepts along with it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It was a list which was Monzo/Monzonaut led so like it’s a special memory for a lot of Monzonauts. Essentially allowing us to mention something we won’t elaborate further on. “If you know, you know”. :upside_down_face:

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