Monzo won’t verify my Help to Buy ISA

Monzo doesn’t recognise and therefore won’t verify the account number and sort code for my Halifax Help to Buy ISA. Because of this I can’t add money to this account. Is there a way around this? It’s quite annoying to get a fraud alert every time I attempt (and fail) to transfer money

The fraud alert is something all banks will be introducing as ‘Confirmation of Payee’.

If you’ve checked and double-checked and you’re sure you have the account details correct, there should be an option along the lines of “I understand your warning and I still wish to continue”.

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There is. I just wish I did have to do this every time

So… In short… you can perform this function without issues after accepting the warning?

i.e. Monzo are allowing you to make the payment without issues ? :roll_eyes:

—issue solved—

Monzo staff have confirmed this behaviour is a bug. The intended behaviour is that it only asks you the first time you make a payment and not on subsequent ones. It’s an annoying bug, granted, but they are aware of it, and have said they will fix it.

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Actually the payments decline every time. Although I’m unsure if this is because of Monzo. That’s kind of what I’d like to find out

That’s wonderful to know. Thank you for sharing

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