Monzo website is really slow

(Lewis Derbyshire) #1

Every page on the website takes around a second to download but then a couple to be displayed
This seems to occur on all the pages on the monzo website not just the blog section.

(Dan) #2

Doing a quick test myself it looks like it’s mostly static content.

Maybe worth putting these files in CDN like AWS Cloudfront?

Some images on the landing page are half a MB.

Edit: Theres an image that’s 1.5MB :scream:

(Kieran McHugh) #3

We have just done quite a big website refresh, so it’s possible that browser cache evictions are increasing page load times.

I will forward this to the web team to investigate.

(Dan) #4

Hmm, that might explain the OP’s issue.

But separately those are exceptionally large files, and there are quite a few of them on each page.

I would recommend at least having different resolution images for different display sizes, so mobile doesn’t load the full-size, larger resolution images. The new website is responsive already so it shouldn’t take too much work.

(Lewis Derbyshire) #5

ImageOptim is a good app to reduce image file size and keeps the image exacicly the same since it romoves things like the image metadata.


Cloudinary is also very good for this.