Monzo warning me that HSBC is a scam 😄

Because it would then have to be maintained. You can’t expect Monzo to maintain such a thing.

Ideally the credit card companies and utility companies etc would all collaborate on keeping such a list maintained themselves, so any changes would be reflected etc., and Monzo could then download the file every month (like companies have to do with the sort codes), but it’s not something Monzo should be doing.

This is actually a brand new flow. It’s designed to stop people from falling for scams. Tightly coupled with the confirmation of payee.

If you think it’s a false positive, I suggest going over the chat to flag it.
You can always proceed with the payment by the way :+1:

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I did include that when I tried to make the payment.

Thanks, I would have done that but I can no longer see the Chat help in my app. Why would that be?

This is the screen when CoP is unavailable or not able to check, if anyone’s interested.

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Every other bank I have used does maintain such a list…

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They have made the option harder to find so that less customers contact Monzo.

When I manually paid my credit card, I was told to put HSBC BNK VSA as the name on account - I had no screens (latest app on Android)

Just been through this with a card payment. Ignored it and carried on.

At least I was allowed to ignore it and carry on - it seems that other banks may not be so accommodating. An elderly neighbour trying to pay us for her shopping had a terrible time trying to get just the right payee wording for our account in order to transfer the payment. It seemed that she couldn’t proceed any other way.

I also got this yesterday…

Could this be done to credit card payments being slightly different?

I believe the ability to override CoP is built into the system by design so the option will have been there even if your neighbour didn’t notice it.

I had to help a relative yesterday, and while I don’t know what bank the neighbour was using in the other example, the one I was faced with had huge warnings in big letters, an override button at the bottom to continue the transaction anyway - and also a checkbox that needed to be ticked to confirm that you understand the risks.

If the same or similar, it could be the neighbour missed the override hidden at the bottom due to not scrolling down enough. Or they did scroll down and see that, but missed the checkbox higher up.

Based on that experience, it would seem banks are adding a significant amount of friction to COP, presumably so that if users override it and it does go wrong, they can say “Look, we gave you plenty of warnings” and refuse to pay out any compensation.

I got the same thing today when I was about to pay into my Marcus savings account. It scared me enough to test with a small amount of money before sending the full amount. Interestingly when I tried with the small amount, I didn’t get the warning, so there’s obviously a threshold set before you receive the warning. Anyway, seems like it needs to be ironed out.


I don’t think that is how it is meant to work, that is an interesting bug or maybe something Monzo have decided to do themselves

An understanding that if you’re sending a small amount (£1?) then you’re probably doing your own kind of confirmation check, as it were?

A very logical decision, though I am curious, if they have set it, how small it will be.

It was £1 I tried transferring as a test. I’ve got to do the transfer again tomorrow, so I’ll try some different values, and see what the threshold is.

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Thanks, will be interesting to see, I would guess £10 maybe

With my main bank (not Monzo) I have always carried out a test £1 payment to ensure I had input the SCN & account no. correctly. On subsequently paying the larger remainder amount my actions often flagged the bank’s Fraud Dept. to investigate what they thought could be a fraud or similar.

I also got this flag when transferring to Saxo Capital markets.
The flag also comes up again which is kind of annoying you have been successfully transferring to the same account a few times.