Monzo verification can happen on a weekend?

I got a friend of mine to sign up for Monzo after me and his family member recommend he signs up, so he did yesterday.

Me being with Monzo I know they work basically 24/7.

I presume it’ll go through tomorrow, but it’s been verifying for a few days now.

He gave his provisional license if that helps and the usual selfie video

It’s possible the team that deals with accounts that need extra verification don’t work weekends.

You say he signed up yesterday , I would wait until at least end of business tomorrow before emailing in.

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He won’t be emailing in, I advised him to just wait, I remember when I signed up in June 2019 and it took under 1 hour, but that was a different time I guess. I think you’re right and they don’t work on Weekends

I always forget that some companies actually accept provisional licenses as a form of ID (like I expect them all to).

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