Monzo Using Location - iOS Notification

Don’t know whether this is a new thing from iOS13 telling me that Monzo are using my location or that Monzo are increasing there location tracking of users.

Keep getting the notification come up everyday after I select always allow. Is anyone else getting these?

The pop-up is new to iOS 13.

If you’ve always had ‘Always Allow’ turned on then its likely Monzo has always been using your location in this way, iOS 13 now just tells you how often it is and give you the option to stop it if you like :slight_smile:

Apple’s all about privacy these days :eyes:


I’ve never seen that. Are you on 13 or 13.1 - might make no difference.


EDIT: Harry types faster than me! Where would you turn that feature on?

On iOS 13, haven’t turned any feature on. It just randomly pops up when using the phone.

The pop-up? It’s just baked into iOS so will appear whenever it feels like it haha.

I assume there is a set number of times the app in question must ask for your location before the pop-up appears!

@Darksideday, have you been travelling around a lot at all?

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This is probably because you have location security enabled in settings. iOS 13 has added these reminders to let you know when apps are using things such as, microphone, camera, and location.

As it says in the message, Monzo requested your location 38 times while it was closed in just 3 days, which to iOS 13 looks suspicious but the reason for this is to protect against fraud.

Although, when I did have this feature on, I left my phone at home and went 3 hours away and still used my card fine so I’m not sure how far away you need to be from your phone for it to reject the payment.

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In a different country: a lot of fraud happens when your card details are skimmed, and then sold on the dark web. This often results in fraudulent transactions taking place from overseas, from which it’s more difficult to recover the funds. Therefore, Monzo seeing that your phone is in the UK while an overseas transaction is posted to your account would allow them to infer that it was probably fraudulent.


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