Monzo & Transferwise - Currency Request Thread

(Felix Meadowsweet) #41

Seconding CZK. That’s my second home and it would be handy to have direct Monzo transfer in that currency. Sure it will come. Great job with the TransferWise integration :smile:

(Liam H) #42

Hey Cristian! :wave:

The TransferWise integration is just for outgoing payments, but incoming payments are on our roadmap within the next few months :blush:

(Kai) #43

Whoa! Interesting to see MYR is one of the first being supported.

(Kai) #44

I agree, I still owe my aunt some SGD. :sweat_smile:


@liamh that’s great to hear! And will incoming transfers be allowed from anywhere in the world? Or just from TransferWise countries?


I’d love to see a poll of the reasons for people using international transfers

As I’ve said on here before, I’ve never made one

(Eve) #47

I don’t think I’ll make an outgoing international payment but I’ll probably need an incoming one at the end of the year


Paying for a holiday in local currency is often cheaper than going through a UK booking agent (if you can trust who you are paying!)

(Colin MacRae) #49

When do you think you will add South African Rand (ZAR)?

(Colin MacRae) #50

where is South African Rand ZAR?

(Hitesh kotecha) #51

I suspect this is less to do with technical issues but more to do with profitable currency pairs. TransferWise (and all similar companies) make money (income) from individual transactions but they pay out (expense) in transfer charges on bulk transactions.

(CS) #52

Mexican Peso please! (MXN) :mexico:

(Mohammed Al Rahbi) #53

Please add AED - Emirati Dirham & ZAR - South African Rand ! God bless you all.

(Husni Mubarak Zainal) #54

Would love to have Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) :indonesia: being added to the list soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree with this one. Also a currency not offered easily by competitors/hassle through mainstream banks (though Transferwise nail it!)

(Vladislav Kozub) #56

Thank you! Albeit the only alternative now is Revolut. But honestly, I would rather consolidate my banking with Monzo instead :sweat_smile:

(Valerio) #57

One vote for New Taiwan Dollars :taiwan:

(Simon) #58

Just tried to use this but I don’t have the option in my app :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Have deleted and reinstalled the app but still not there. I do have a TransferWise account but was quite excited to try this in Monzo.
Any suggestions?

(Campbell Prosser) #59

Hey @SeMond :wave:

If you give us a quick message in your app we’ll take a look at that for you!

(Simon) #60

:+1: thanks, will do