Monzo takeover offers

What if Monzo actually got an offer they couldn’t refuse :wink:


i think they will still say no. makes you wonder what this could really become in 7 to 10 years time

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I think Tom has shown his hand many times that he will never sell out. He sees a $1trillion opportunity, decades of fun and the chance to make everyone’s lives better. I believe they will reject any and all offers and float on nasdaq in 5-6 years. My guess only :wink:


If they took on a takeover today, how many would jump ship at this delicate point in proceedings?

If we were suddenly dealing with Lloyds (for example), how many would bother signing over to a current account at the closure of the prepaid programme?


If Lloyds took over I would cancel straight away


Why wouldn’t you upgrade to Lloydzo? :crazy_face:


RoBoSoids …:slight_smile:

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would go straight back to Santander

I’m signing up to the Monzo brand, not anything else

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“ultra-hip clientele”

That’s the first time in my life I’ve even been described as hip, let alone ultra hip.


I think I could be described as wide hipped :slight_smile:


take it as a compliment

Personally, I can’t see them selling out. I don’t think it would be very ‘Monzo’ of them to sell out at this stage or down the line. They have something everyone wants, which is what is getting them these offers, so they just as well carry on and head for the 1,000,000,000 customers that they want! :tada:

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Agreed. And I think Tom has said as much with words to the effect that he doesn’t know if Monzo will ever achieve it’s ultimate goal, but what he does know is that if they sell out, they will never reach it.

It all depends on how the Big Banks react to Monzo and the challenger banks. HSBC is currently testing a beta app which is supposed to significantly increase the usability of your banking. I know the Coop Bank (credit card) send me terms and condition changes which allow the possibility for balances to be seen in external banks/apps. If Monzo’s market share doesn’t increase, I can see a sellout in the future. Every company has its price tag. Just so happens when to sell. Yahoo is a prime example of a company who refused a massive takeover and was then sold for small change (in comparison).

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Makes a change from “millennials”

Yep, and HSBC are offering £150 if I switch there before 26 Nov, and a further £50 if I stay for a year. It’s tempting.

Preparation for PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) in January 2018?

Everyone has a price… particularly venture capital.

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I really hope that Monzo don’t sell out, I have changed to Monzo for the brand - if they were to be taken over by a legacy bank then I would jump back to my old account, I really think that Monzo will stay firm and create their business and achieve their goals - love Monzo for what it is don’t want your everyday bank like others :point_up:

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I’m with @Sczoo26 I’m here for the new brand. Like a new band, a new brand garners excitement. It has to be sustained and good though…

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