Monzo supports CEX.IO?

I can’t withdraw money from CEX.IO to my monzo account. What is the problem with it. I can deposit money with the same card but withdrawing is always declined. Please help monzo support staff didn’t. I think they are clueless.

Chances are that CEX.IO still track it as a prepaid card. Have you contacted CEX?

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This is nothing to do with Monzo. It’s CEX.IO whoever they are.

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Just from taking a look at the website it says you can withdraw to your card OR bank account, which I assume insinuates you can make FP payment withdrawals have you tried that?

No. I’m sorry I don’t even know what it is. I will try to find out how to do it. And yes I have contacted them they don’t get what the problem is. Told me to contact monzo and now are giving me a silent treatment…

When did you raise the question with Monzo? There’s not much they can do, because unless the payment is going to them, they’re not going to be able to give any info.

It seems like CEX are viewing Monzo as a prepaid card, as per the screenshot you posted, and so refusing to pay out to it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing Monzo can do here, or as @_Tom says, switch to bank transfer.

I guess Monzo could reach out to the company, or to MasterCard if they wanted to help their customer.

You could email with the details and someone might be able to help, but most likely seems Cex need to update their BIN database to reflect Monzo as a bank, not a prepaid card any more.

Send them the Monzo website, or raise a complaint with them to resolve it that way.

Guys thank you all for advice. I went with FP or how’s it called and it worked. No function like that in the app so I used desktop version and I’m set! Thank you again x)*

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