Monzo status text messages use two numbers

I have signed up to the status reports from and they can give you a good insight into overall performance. But the text messages seem to come from two separate numbers. So one number tells you the initial issue and then it seems pot luck if the resolved update uses the same or another number. Can this be amended so I only have one thread in my message history?


This is consistent with the Status messages that I get from Zapier, Slack & the company itself. Perhaps it’s been set up this way deliberately, to enable recipients to filter the messages?

But anyway I agree, I’d prefer it if the messages were kept in one thread but only to clean up my messages list a bit.


Hi guys, hope you’re well!

Unfortunately, Status Page do not have a way to ensure that all updates are sent from a single origin number at this time. They have multiple SMS carriers each with multiple numbers for redundancy and reliability purposes, which means messages can come through from different sources.

That said, they have an item on their backlog to see what they can do to provide a more consistent experience in the future (although it’s not on the immediate roadmap).

Hope that clears things up :thumbsup:


Out of interest, has this made it on to Status Page’s roadmap yet? It’s been mildly irritating me for months (or over a year?), but I haven’t remembered to look into it until today. Would be great if they could sort this out, though I realise this is (1) out of your hands; and (2) pretty insignificant compared with launching the current accounts!