Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Tom Blomfield (CEO)

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Make something people want

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Two of them already did.

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Which ones?

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Which categories do you think will be coming up next on the Marketplace beta? I’m holding out for some insurance options (gadget related preferably, as a Londoner with no car and no hope to own a property any time soon…)

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I find exercise really relaxes me for the rest of the day - I go to the gym and also play squash with a group of Monzonauts in the mornings.

I’ve tried therapy/counselling and meditation to reduce stress/anxiety, but I found that exercise and less alcohol does more for me.

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Maybe. The issue is that we don’t yet have productive ways to lend out the money.

Instead, I’d like to offer partner banks on our marketplace, and give users the ability to turns “pots” into “savings pots” and earn interest. Still within the Monzo app, but sitting on the balance sheet of another bank.

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Interest on Monzo accounts?
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That’s all we’ve got time for. Thanks for the great questions - I’ve really enjoyed answering them.

Perhaps we can do this again soon :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend.


Thank you for taking the time to come and answer. And for the candour and insight - very much appreciated indeed! :+1::smiley::monzo:

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Thank you tom! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic Q&A! :grinning: What a great way to mark the long-awaited end of our Beta.

Thanks to everyone who asked such great questions, and thanks Tom for answering them!

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What about cats? :cat:


Why do you like talking to journalists so much and who is the most annoying? :smiley:

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:eyes: We see you Steve! Hope all is well at TechCrunch :wink:

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Thanks Tom. Really insightful comments, especially relating to Monzo standing out from the crowd (and not really being in competition with Starling/Revolut, but the established banks who hold so much market share).


All is good (I wasn’t exactly hiding!)

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We didn’t get to find out his hair routine. :disappointed:

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There will be a blog post about that later :smile:

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You’ll always be one of the best (and most annoying) Steve!


What about cats? :cat:

I think this is the most important question and it’s unacceptable it’s not been answered. I demand an answer! :joy:

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