Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Tom Blomfield (CEO)


What is the one feature you are waiting for appearing in Monzo App? Also, which one has been most useful for you till now and the one you rather not have.

(Tom ) #14

How has using Monzo changed your approach to your personal finances? Have there been any benefits or drawbacks you hadn’t considered before making it your main bank account?

(Fin) #15

Turned down any offers recently…? :wink:

(Michael) #16

Looking at the year in review, back to April 2017, what are the key lessons you’ve learnt from that period of time? Also, what have you struggled the most with over that period?


What’s the most bonkers thing you’ve discovered / conversation you’ve had about how the banking system has traditionally worked?

(Edward Robert) #18

Will you ever offer any sort of interest on savings?

Interest on Monzo accounts?
(Sacha) #19

What’s the most challenging decision you’ve had to make since you started Monzo?

(Rob) #20

I’ve recently joined Monzo, and I’m very pleased with what Monzo provides :grin::+1:t2:. However, you’ve probably had many questions on this, when is Apple Pay coming? This is the one thing that is stopping me from fully transfering over to Monzo. :cry:


Why should we bank with Monzo over another challenger?

(David) #22

Are there any opportunities to invest in Monzo?

(Simon B) #23

Hi Rob.

As per the rules in the original post:

Please feel free to ask a different question.


Do you have any thoughts on the FT piece today about the Brexit threat to the London Fintech industry? Anne was quoted, do you share her sentiment?

“I do not think it actually takes away from London,” said Anne Boden, founder of digital lender Starling Bank, adding: “It is sad, and I think London will be threatened, but London will survive.” She said that Starling had “already passported into Ireland” and may need to do more of its business from Dublin because of Brexit.

(Rob) #25

Oops, I missed that rule for this Q&A. :see_no_evil: I’ll ask another…

(Gav) #26

Do any of the legacy bank CEO community reach out to you to network, or do they just pretend you aren’t there?

(connorianreilly) #28

Which non-speculative Monzo feature do you personally want the most, why?

(Rob) #29

We are not fully there with a cashless society, we still require cash from time to time, Monzo accepts cheques, are they plans to accept cash down the line?

(Hope this doesn’t go against the rules of the Q&A)!

(Adam) #30

@tom, you must feel pretty proud of yourself and your team?

I know you’re busy, but can you post on the forum more regularl?

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #31

Has there been anything that’s totally shocked you in building Monzo?
Attitudes of legacy banks towards you, that sort of thing.

(Jack) #33

How do you imagine the banking industry as a whole will look like in ten years time?

(A/S/L?) #34

If you could pick any 3 guests for a slap up meal, who would you pick and why? Also, what meal will you be choosing? :grin: