Monzo spending suggestions feature


Hello everyone there @ the Mondo team!

Had this idea a while ago, but if someone else already suggested it – apologies in advance, and do feel free to delete the topic.

Right… so, what about an “unlocking” feature in its true sense. It would need 3-6 months to learn and understand your spending habits. After this period lapses, a new tab can unlock in the app that would show you how much you can spend this month on a future, data-mined purchase.

Say, for example, I’m a sucker for Warhammer stuff and I spend about £15 per month on books and another £80 on models. After the 6 months period lapses, Mondo can inform me I’m free to spend up to £95 on Warhammer stuff, until the next wage hits (this would work nice with another feature I’ve seen suggested, being able to set your wage incoming date).

It could be really useful, and in time it could see it as a recurring interval payment (so between £60 and £100 / month) and ask you if you want to file it under recurring expenses – would work nice with fuel, mobile phone top ups etc.


(Hugo Cornejo) #2

This sounds great, thanks @ciuncky :heart_eyes:

Where do you see the Warhammer question coming? Is that something you expect us to learn automatically from your habits or that you’d be willing to manually add? In the second scenario, we are thinking on ways to give you some kind of account segregation “subaccounts/pots/jars/boxes/pockets” where you can define goals.

So, in this case, you could have a jar for Warhammer stuff, where you can automatically add money based on different rules (round up expenses and things like that) and, with that information, we could give you an estimate about how quickly the pot is filling, etc.

Do you think that would fit your needs? Thanks!


To be honest with you, i’d expect it to automatically be suggested by Mondo. So, basically, learned automatically. This would probably be helpful as it would keep the interface simpler, rather then add more buttons, popups, keyboards etc - a think i know you are already trying to avoid as much as possible.

Of course, what you’re suggesting - the jars, and monies saving in there - would work as well. This was just an idea to offer a function that, while requiring recurring purchases and therefore a long time to be “caught” by the AI, would be seen as a new, useful addition for users and would probably help you guys define spending patterns as well

Cheers !

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

Yeah, I know what you mean. The only thing that always scares me a bit of the “automagical” approach is that it is easy to imagine abstractly but, as far as I know, there’s not always enough data to support it if we don’t ask you for the actual things you want to save for.

In any case we’ll think about it and maybe @dimitri comes with a machine learning model (or any other magic) that can actually predict this kind of things at some point :slight_smile:


Fair enough, i never assumed or implied it would be easy - trust me, as a games tester i know how hard things can get for the simplest of ideas…


For freezing a card, maybe there could be two. One freezes live payments excluding recurring ones, and a second just for recurring payments (which, I suspect wouldn’t be used much). The 2nd one is akin to freezing the account, I suppose.

I don’t think this is possible, but it would be cool if, when a transaction goes through, the app presented authorise/reject buttons. Lovely and secure. Lots of data traffic for that though!