Monzo should acquire...?

The Great Barrier Reef.

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On a more serious note. Monzo should not acquire anyone. They have plenty to do on their core services/app features as it is.


Agree with you. I’m sure they can scale up their teams fast anyway and do things themselves. :slight_smile:

More control and better than relying on a 3rd party too.

This is the reason they moved to their own Faster Payments Gateway at the weekend :slight_smile:

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Should acquire no one.
Lots still needs working on for the bank itself
cough IBAN already cough


Yes yes, we get it. You don’t need to post everywhere about it.


About what? IBAN issues? They really do need looked at though…

cough errrrr what? cough

Who’s IBAN?

Flux would be a good one

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I banna know too!

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The post office :laughing:

Well if we are just being silly… metal card maker!! :joy:

Well considering monzo is not profitable and will be for another while we’re all being rather silly suggesting Monzo could acquire another company at all :laughing:

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Where’s the fun in that statement

Moneysupermarket or other comparison site. Monzo has had a couple of years to reinvent the ‘marketplace’ wheel and the result so far is not great and there is a huge opportunity cost of wasting time fiddling about with ideas.

Buy a successful comparison business, recode it and transplant it into Monzo (before Revolut or N26 or Apple does it).

To that end, get MoneyDashboard and get all the budgeting/forecasting side in one fell swoop?

And Tesla, and offer them half price to Plus customers…??

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Monzo should acquire all other banks, then it will be the only one in the world! :globe_with_meridians:


Hmmm. I don’t think the investors would appreciate their investment money going towards buying a different loss making company!

But, maybe in the future they could acquire a mortgage lender? They have plenty of cash to lend, all they need is the know-how on lending stuff.


The payment processing business is massive and would be a great addition to their business platform.

But at stripes valuation it may be better to build their own.

Google. Monzo need to buy Google.