Monzo Shares?!

Hey there!

Things are getting conspiratorial with Monzo now.

How do I sell my shares?! :joy:

I don’t really understand what you’re asking when all the info you needed, you’ve already posted.

You advertise on here.
Sell via Crowdcube.

But first you must have approval to sell them.

You need to ask crowdcube support for permission to sell your shares, not where to sell them. They can tell you the procedure

Although it’s very hard to get permission. Make sure you have proof of exceptional circumstances

Post it on the wiki……

Can’t find the Wiki as they closed my last post :smiley:

Did you try searching?

Because it was moved to the wiki iirc

That was quick :rofl: It takes a long time (some reports months) to get approval to sell and if you’re thinking that the email you posted in your screenshot is permission then unfortunately you need to do a lot more than that.

I hope that you do have approval, otherwise you’ll just aggravate potential buyers and will almost certainly lose the sale as well as damage your credibility for future ones.