Monzo + Scrummy Loyalty Platform

(Mike Laurie) #1

Hi there,

Massive Monzo fan and investor here. I’m a cofounder of Scrummy Loyalty. We operate a loyalty platform for small but highly awesome merchants.

After a few chats with Sachin Karia and some help from Dan Palmer, we’ve put together a proof of concept for a new way for to issue loyalty points.

Take a look, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, we’ll be exhibiting this at TechDay Thursday 27th October. If you’re there, come and grab some sweets and say hi.

Apologies for anyone offended my large numbers of unread emails :scream:


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Monzo API Projects
Thinning The Wallet - Digital Loyalty Cards
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(Ben Green) #2

Hi Mike,

So you’ve already created an integration with a more intelligent take on loyalty cards - that’s excellent :smiley:

I kind of guess the way it basically works is that each merchant has a unique QR code to for their customers to scan and when they do their Scrummy app account is linked to that merchant for that transaction?

This is so much better than asking a checkout operator to scan your phone, they get fed up so manually type the number in.

Have you got many merchants registered in the South East?

(Mike Laurie) #3

Hi Ben,

Yes that’s exactly how it works today. It works well but there’s always room for improvement.

Do you mean South East London or SE of the country? We have lots of places in Peckham, East Dulwich and Brixton. We’re currently raising a seed round to get lots more merchants on board.


(Ben Green) #4

I’m in Kent, traveling to London every few months. I tend to shop at bigger chains rather than local/independents. Saying that I do have a preferred off licence, obviously some preferred local pubs and a favourite barber so there’s some potential use for me when Scrummy starts in my area. Understandablely though, I can imagine you having better luck, in early days, building stability and word of mouth in big cities before branching out to towns and rural arenas.

(Dylan Duffy) #5


This sounds interesting but I’m guessing if a merchant decides they won’t take part (I’m presuming most of the big ones will) then nothing can be earned?

What have you got in the Middlesex area?


(Ben Green) #6

Going by the history of Nectar, I’d assume the big ones would want to negotiate a contract that prevents their direct competitors from being allowed to join. Sainsburys won’t allow the other big supermarkets, BP won’t allow Shell, etc, etc. Capitalism does not benefit the consumers. It sucks :weary:


Yep, Capitalism sucks :sob:

(Dylan Duffy) #8

If they stopped being “stubborn” they would probably realise working together could do them more good than it would harm; more insight into more than one shop would benefit them all - but I see this as a quick point of failure, I do hope it goes far though!


(Alex Sherwood) #9

@anon44204028 @DylanDuffy well if enough people sign up to Scrummy (& they can hold out in the meantime), they’ll have enough leverage to say no to this kind of demand :wink:

(Mike Laurie) #10

It’s really just aimed at the long tail of merchants, the smaller and more independent places that give much more generous rewards for loyalty. Nowhere in Middlesex yet, we’re raising a seed round in order to grow our merchant base currently.

(Hugo Cornejo) #11

This is awesome @mikelaurie :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #12

I’ve just watched the video & I’d definitely use this! Is there any way that I can get the demo app set up on my phone?

(Ben Green) #13

I think it’s already in the App Store. Here’s the links to the iOS/Android app stores -

(Alex Sherwood) #14

Thanks, I meant the integration that Mike demoed though.

(Ben Green) #15

Ah yes, Monday morning problems :grimacing:

(Mike Laurie) #16

Thanks @hugo!

@alexs it’s only a proof of concept currently but we’re going to try to create some kind of pilot for Monzo folk.

(Ben Green) #17

For checkout operators, this could easily be another conversation starter (on top of the others already in place) as it’d be a instant benefit to them as they don’t have to present a loyalty code to scan. This eventually leads them creating a Monzo account too! :wink:

(Ben Green) #18

Hi @mikelaurie, what’s the current process for online retailers, if there is one?

With the Monzo integration, am I right in assuming it shouldn’t be any different as when using the card in physical locations.

(Mike Laurie) #19

The current process is that the merchant signs up with us, we then send them a QR code, they then promote their loyalty programme to their customers and issue points when their customers scan the QR codes. In this sense, the stamp is the QR code and the card is the app.

We have about 80 merchants that use this method at the moment.

Yes, you’re right about the new integration. The stamp would happen in the background. The customer just pays with their Monzo card and they get the points automatically. The customer just needs to have authorised Scrummy to be notified when they visit that particular merchant.

(Mike Laurie) #20

We don’t have anything in Kent yet, but please feel free to invite your barber and local pubs with this :grin: