Monzo said they will not refund APP Scam on a car Leasing deal

Obviously sympathetic to OP, but struggling to move past Quwayne Lazarus and Gilbert Sabakaki

Struggling more with it being genuine (it seems):

“I need my car because I’ve started a new leasing company”


Any reputable leasing company would happily take a credit card payment, which would give you s75 cover. Direct bank transfers for any lease should sound massive warnings…


Looks like the money did end up where you intended it to (so it’s not an APP scam), the company and people behind them are real, so this is not a bank problem but a dispute between you and the company and you should pursue legal action to resolve this. Depending on the amount, small claims court might be appropriate and is very easy to submit a claim without having to lawyer up.

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Wow! I believe that they are real people and own a company maybe they couldnt come through with the car and just dont want to pay me my money back.

I really dont know what to do to resolve this.

Ahhh yes thank you maybe this is the route I would have to go :frowning:

If they are experienced scammers, any physical assets they have will be “leased”, so you can’t seize them, even with a CCJ. Can you provide the companies house entry? That might shed a lot more light on this.

Unconscious bias?

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Quwayne Lazarus is the director of 2 companies (including the vehicle leasing company). Both were incorporated in 2019. Neither have yet filed accounts. Both are overdue in filing confirmation statements.

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Sounds like a model citizen…

You’re four hours late there.


True. Just read back through the thread. He was also a director of A1 Wheels which is dissolved and somehow not linked on the Companies House website.

That’s not unusual due to a weird flaw on companies house. If you create a company and list your full name but start another company and list your name differently you’ll get two different entries that don’t get linked

For example Joe Bloggs might start company A with his full name Joe Bloggs but if he lists his name is Bloggs, Joe on company B a direct liink will not show up on companies house.