Monzo’s phone number

Is it legal that Monzo’s phone number on the back of a card is not working?! No queue, nothing. Just a voice message - “we can’t answer“. I think this is unacceptable…

What law do you think it breaks?

No idea about the law, but it is wholly unacceptable (if true).


Out of question did you try both the 0800 freephone and the 020 London landline number with the international code

This is a tough one. I get the frustration but they are an online bank. Plenty of online companies don’t use phone. I’m not saying it is the way it should be just that it is more and more common with digital channels.

I’m very happy with Monzo and Monzo is my main account…
Just a bit worried about emergency phone contact

I’ve just called 0800 8021 281 (on the back of my card) and after getting through the numerous questions I get to the queue (where they state they will end it after 5 minutes) and the queue music started. I cancelled the call as I don’t need to actually call them.

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I’ve literally just called First Direct and got straight through. Their customer service is still excellent. If they ever managed to catch up digitally they would probably tip Monzo but I think Monzo will always be one step ahead with innovation.

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Hm… tried as well - connected with options. (With caller ID)

No options just a message - we can’t take your call (No caller ID)

Sorted. :+1:t2:


What has the law got to do with it? It’s poor customer service, nothing more, nothing less.


If you are on Monzos blacklist you won’t be able to call them to have a conversation and will get a recorded we can’t take your call and it will end.

This is normally a case where they have blocked from spam/abuse or cases where communication can only be via post/email for legal reasons like suspending an account.

Message through the app and they should be able to confirm if you are blocked and should be able to remove your number.

OP isn’t blacklisted; turns out they were initially withholding their number, but once they tried again with their number visible, the call connected. I mean, it’s literally two replies above yours :sweat_smile:



did they solve your problem?

Just also tried ringing to check does ring and then have some weird eery classical music :joy:

Yes. Close this thread please!

Closed at OP’s request