Monzo’s new receipts API

(Michael) #1

Very easy to use API… now to sit and go through some receipts, where I have the info for them.

This could be really handy!

Here is an iTunes transaction I’ve enriched. :slight_smile:

Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards
Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards
(Dan) #2

Do you mind sharing your code?

(Michael) #3

Currently playing with it running through the console. Might throw up a quick PHP example to allow someone to list all their transactions and then enter a receipt within there… But for now doing it through the command line to play around…

Watch this space. :sweat_smile:

(Dan) #4

I can only programme in PHP so that’d be amazing :wink: Thanks mate


What does it look like in the transaction screen?

(Michael) #6

Like this …


That looks great!

Is VAT missing on the transaction screen for Flux receipts too?

(Michael) #8

Not sure. Not got flux.

Incidentally that view doesn’t actually show all the information. As per this example:


Interesting that the VAT was missing and it didn’t say there were any more items.

(Michael) #10

Vat shows on the full receipt if it’s defined on the receipt.

What do you mean it’s weird it didn’t say there were more items?


The total doesn’t match the sum of the parts show in this receipt, which I think is a little confusing when you first look at it.

NB: I suppose I’d count the VAT as another item.

(Michael) #12

Yea. One for @kieranmch to comment on. Realistically might just be how I’ve put the numbers in. But looks right on the full view page.

(James) #13

I think on the Eat receipts the VAT is included on the prices of each item, and then the total VAT shown underneath - so that’s why the VAT doesn’t appear as another item - the sum of the item prices == the total, without adding VAT.

(Michael) #14

Okay. My favourite thing is adding a receipt to an ATM transaction to keep track of what the cash was spent on!

(Thanks to @BethS for sorting the location details)

(NM) #15

That’s so cool

(James) #16

Ooh, this is an excellent use case I hadn’t considered! I know you’ve said you’re only playing around with it in the console, but if you’d be willing to share the basic code you’re using for that I’d be interested as I’ve been trying to play around but am not getting far!

(Michael) #17

Yea. Just need to see if the receipt items can be used in search :sweat_smile:

(NM) #18

Anyone see what the hackathon team from Cambridge did with it and were like :exploding_head:

(Michael) #19

Nope. But I’ve already been looking at some options to improve this somehow. Whether it’s OCR or a separate service where people upload an image to their transaction which gets turned into receipt entries.

(NM) #20

I tried from emails and got stuck. The image is in Kieran’s part of the presentation and they built a receipt from a picture using azure image API