Monzo’s new receipts API

(Michael) #21

Ah nice – I’ve not watched the presentation. :slight_smile:

(NM) #22

I skim watched as it were :joy:

(MikeF) #23

I’ve split the above out from the Flux thread so the two topics aren’t lost in one another. The API chat can carry on here. :smile:

(Michael) #24

Good plan! :slight_smile: My bad!

(Might be worth putting it in the Developers forum?)

(NM) #25

we all got a little overexcited :grin::joy:

(Jack) #26

Done :white_check_mark:

Great use examples here. As others have said it would be great to see how you’ve done it behind the scenes :slightly_smiling_face: .

(Dan) #28

Ive put together a simple php script to make the json code for a receipt… just need to do the server side bit and I’ll upload mine to Git for people to play with :slight_smile:

(Dan) #29

Also the OCR hack Cambridge did looks amazing… would love to know more info on this… :thinking:


Definitely. Flux with this to plug the gaps would be awesome.

Although there looks to be a cost with using Google Cloud Vision or the Microsoft equivalent. :thinking:

(Tony Hoyle) #31

My first thought was scraping amazon email notifications but looking at the emails the only thing to match on is the amount and that’s not really reliable enough… the order number doesn’t match the transaction.

Suspect similar problems would occur for other retailers which limits the usefulness :neutral_face:


With Amazon emails, maybe you can match the price, and the time?

Azure / Google / AWS all have some form of OCR APIs. Or if you want a open source one then you can have a go at

(Dan) #33

Here is a simple script to make the json

Something to work with…

(Alex Hay) #34

Do you know if there’s support for negative values? Been trying to add a discount code but having no luck - the negative number just comes out positive in-app

(Kieran McHugh) #35

All items should be inclusive of VAT.

(Kieran McHugh) #36

Flux do push negative values to us, so this should work fine.


Does that mean the totals in this screenshot are wrong?

(Michael) #38

If they are. That’s because I’ve put them in wrong. Not due to Monzo

(Alex Hay) #39

Thanks for this Kieran.

The JSON (below) shows in-app as the grab below so I must be going wrong somewhere. Probably the URL encoding losing the “-”

  "transaction_id": "transaction-ID-here", 
  "external_id": "test-receipt-1",
  "total": 10400,
  "currency": "GBP",
  "items": [
      "description": "Brewer Shirt (Bordeaux)",
      "unit": "",
      "amount": 6500,
      "currency": "GBP"
      "description": "Brewer Shirt (Prussian Blue)",
      "unit": "",
      "amount": 6500,
      "currency": "GBP"
      "description": "Discount Code (FARAH20)",
      "unit": "",
      "amount": -2600,
      "currency": "GBP"
      "description": "Shipping",
      "unit": "",
      "amount": 0,
      "currency": "GBP"

(Dann) #41

Any one willing to show how exactly how I can get started with this? I don’t really know much code but id love to be able to add receipts like this!

(Kieran McHugh) #42

That is weird, when you read your receipt back is the value negative or positive?