Monzo Push Notifications with microG

I have recently replaced Google Services Framework with microG. Since then, I’m not receiving push notifications from Monzo.
Unfortunately I don’t have many push notifications subscriptions, but EasyJet definitely worked. Monzo shows up as registered for GCM, but nothing seems to be coming through.

I’ve talked to Help over the app, and in theory, the messages do get generated from Monzo’s side.
I’d be more than happy to provide debug logs in order to have Monzo work with microG, but I’m not certain what is needed from me.

Quite often, notification issues can get resolved by reinstalling the app.

I believe that Monzo notifications works only with Google Services Framework. If you don’t have it your out of luck.

@MRMR I have tried that, no luck.
@patrice58 microG is an Open Source layer which connects to Google Cloud Messaging. If no other application worked fine, I’d agree, but this is not the case; some work, some don’t, meaning it’s an app specific issue.

Or maybe it’s what I have written above. I remember somebody in this forum asked the very same question you have and that was the answer. I can’t seem to find it but if I do I’ll put a link to it here

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