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I joined Monzo originally because I liked the ethos and vision. Recent actions are totally at odds with that and just coming across as amateurish and not market leading.

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I 100 per cent agree with you on the overdraft pricing BTW.

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The overdraft pricing hasn’t changed, the lending criteria hasn’t changed nor the the foreign atm limits. Only a trail for 1,000 out of 1.5 million customers


I’m not sure that that is a valid reading of what I wrote. If it helps, by “constructive” I mean “constructive criticism”. That can be robust and it certainly doesn’t need to align with my views.

My point was that if folk are here to make things better then that’s great. If it’s to throw mud or have a ruck then that’s your call, but I’ll just end up leaving (though I’m sure that some would consider that a bonus). :man_shrugging:


I know, I was just saying that I didn’t create the thread. I made the original post on another thread, and by splitting it has just given exposure to a post without context.

Sorry if It sounded like brash :slight_smile: .

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I hear you but what you said below is lovely in a ideal world but as a community you have people that are happy and sad and all moods in between just like real life. It’s what makes any community so rich. I wouldn’t want that to end and people who complain obviously want Monzo to improve, so you suggesting that they consider leaving is short sighted at best and boarderline rude at worst

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It does indeed do that.

I’d like to see a poll of where the community believe Monzo should be focussing their efforts.

Actually. I’d like there to be a return of the big list, so at least we have better visibility of what’s in the pipeline and stuff to get excited about. Don’t know if it’s just me, but I think the Making Monzo section of the app is just crap! It has like 12 things on it, most of which I feel have been there for like 6 months.

There’s nothing on that list to get you salivating.


I’m sorry if it came across that way, it certainly wasn’t the intent.

Complaining is great. It gives Monzo useful data and helps make things better. What I was suggesting, and let’s see if I can phrase this differently, is that if a product (Monzo in this case) makes someone so upset, or fundamentally doesn’t meet their needs anymore, then why stay with them? Other banks are available.

I think I’ll leave it there, lest this takes us further off topic.

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That’s ok, I didn’t mean to sound so aggressive in my response either. Yeah I agree with what you said in your post 100 per cent. :+1: Subject closed. :slight_smile:


I definitely agree with you. It just seems like jumping at every avenue at the moment trying to become profitable without actually giving it careful thought and planning.

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I’d love them to engage the entire user base more then just the forum. They used to send out emails for feedback too, but not seen anything the past year+.

The community is good but sometimes there are monzo militant types who jump to the defence of anything that is released. It can stifle opinion or just leave people not bothering to feedback.

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They have to become profitable. There’s no two ways to say that.

I think the issue is that there’s so much new stuff coming thick and fast to try and drive revenue, that the old, not yet completed features feel like they’re being neglected.

This could just boil down to being a visibility issue. Broken or half baked features piss me off too, especially when you can see a future where it will benefit you greatly. The budgeting for example teeters on being extremely helpful to me and when Monzo said more was to come, I didn’t imagine they’d then go radio silent and ignore requests for an update on progress.

It leaves a sour taste, but if I knew it was still coming, I’d be alright with it.



You can’t claim to be transparent, and then pick and choose when you follow through with that.

I’ve been accused of being ‘disruptive’ on another thread. It’s because there’s so many pro-Monzo militants on here, that are apologists for everything they do , that genuine constructive criticism gets stifled and opinions shut down if it doesn’t fit with the Monzo love narrative.


I know my status as Coral Crew will hardly help here, but that’s absolutely not the intention. If you do see it happening, do message Monzo staff with specific examples so they can address it.

(Personally, I quite often criticise , in a constructive way, I hope - and feel free to do so).

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Come on, you’re coming across as a concerned troll, which isn’t a good look either.

Technology companies will always test things, and Monzo are being transparent with the road map and whats being built.


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I’ve put some money in what is a relatively new business, that I would expect to make mistakes, try things out, and fail in places.

But again, thanks for your concern

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Whoa whoa whoa really? I’m an investor and I am proud to say I’m not a yes man, I have a few faults with Monzo and it’s not my main account on account of them. Don’t make sweeping statements, overwise you run the risk of looking silly.

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Counts me out as well then.


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