Monzo Premium payment date

I’m thinking of upgrading to Monzo Premium. Does anyone know if I upgrade can I choose when I pay the £15 fee?

My flex plus is always on the 1st day no matter when you upgrade so just wondering?

Unfortunately you aren’t able to change the date your Paid Plan comes out the alternative would be to cancel your plan (If you have one and are able to cancel without fees) and sign up on the date you’d like the payment to come out on every month.

Or just sign up normally on the date you want it to debit each month.


I feel that fixing this would be something that would spark joy…


Thanks. I have signed up now. Will see how it goes :pray:

I assume that this also applies to the premium business account. Currently charged on 15th of the month and I’d prefer it to be 1st of the month. Or, to be able to pay from a pot which also isn’t possible.


I would expect this to be the same but as it’s for business there may be something else they can do I would go ahead and send them a quick message and ask to double check. :relaxed:

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Or, since payment is taken on the same date every month set up a scheduled withdrawal from your bills pot :slight_smile: