Monzo Posters

With all the beautiful bus ads being displayed up & down the country, will there be an option to buy a print or make the PDFs available to print our own?

I’ll love to frame one in my flat (if my girlfriend lets me…)

I can’t see them going to any effort to make these purchasable or source a print supplier that will do runs of 1 and dispatch to residential addresses etc.

I think if you picked one and asked really nicely they might send you a PDF though :slight_smile:

Perhaps @cookywook could add this to one of his good deeds for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

@cookywook Please :pray:

Why would you want an advert printed for your flat? I get that it’s Monzo but it’s still just an ad.
I’m not gonna start putting Tesco ads in my kitchen and the same goes for any company :joy:


If a PDF were available, perhaps Halifax’s marketing agency could simply change the colours and logos again, and present the results as their own hard work! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Why would you want to pour water on somebody’s polite request?


It was a genuine question

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So is mine.

I work in Marketing so I’ve always been a fan of good ads & I personally think Monzo’s new campaign is beautiful. Why not hang it up?


Fair enough. Similar to how I have a wall covered in theatre lighting gel. To most people, it’s just coloured plastic but to me it’s inspirational.

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I’ll see what I can do! :slight_smile:


Just put it up and see how long she notices. I have a Monzo window sticker in my dad’s car… Hasn’t noticed yet and I put it up in September :rofl:


Better still, get them all framed and paint the wall Hot Coral… will your girlfriend notice then? :smiley:

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Omg yes! Just go to B&Q and get it paint matched i’m sure she will be fine with it.

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Seconded. Who wouldn’t love that? Right?! Send us pics of her reaction (if she doesn’t kill you … :rofl:)


If not a monzo wedding is in order!

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I wouldn’t say no to a poster or a PDF to print my own!

This is making me laugh way more than I care to admit! The thought of a Hot Coral room is amazing!


I had no idea theatre lighting gel was a thing, but am now intrigued!

It’s nothing amazing, just coloured heat resistant plastic put in front of stage lights to colour the beam

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