Monzo Points - Early Access [Trial completed]

IIRC it was done completely randomnly, I signed up as the post went up and I’m not on the trial :frowning_face:

I think the initial test phase is due to end in August (I think?) so I doubt any newbies will be put into the early access. So I think its a case of wait for a wider release.


Hi @richardcadman

I’ve noticed that things like contents / phone insurance and some other features linked with plus are in the pipeline as well as some other things that have landed such as energy switching and travel insurance (plus customers). On the face of it there doesnt seem to be any discount or incentive (exclude energy switching) for buying through Monzo and not going direct.

A suggestion would perhaps be to link these sort of other products to Monzo points. As an example if I were to take out contents insurance through Monzo I might get an incentive via Monzo Points for keeping the policy for say 6 or 12 months. Or perhaps offer 2 months of travel insurance for free by exchanging Monzo points for example.

Another idea is to use points towards your Monzo plus fee.

Thereby using Monzo points for Monzo (offered) products.


would be cool for Amazon vouchers and costa coffee or PSN cards etc.

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I activated the Google Pay offer and the Spend (anything) in Pret offer - and just bought lunch there with Google Pay but only got a tick in the GPay offer, not the Pret one.

Also travelled the tube last week with GPay contactless - nothing for that!

I feel robbed of my juicy juicy points!


Anyone noticed things disappearing from their Points section? Some of my claimed offers have vanished, as well as one I’d claimed but hadn’t used yet! (Still had plenty of time left).

I’ve got 100 points left over but nothing to spend them on / redeem. Would be nice if I could exchange them for £1 off my next plus fee.


Now that’s a thought… :eyes:

I love the idea of some kind of Points/Plus integration.

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Well this wasn’t there this morning…! :eyes::money_mouth_face:


I saw this too but no idea how to earn a point

Should have redeemed it when I had the chance to use up my remaining points, it’s now changed to this! I only have 156. 🤦

Do you have any remaining from the previous offers?

No that screen is blank. Does that mean I can’t earn any more points?

If theres no offers to earn, you can’t get any right now.

I currently have no way of earning.

I’ve got the £5 for 500 points offer too.

No way of earning and I don’t have 500 points :weary:

I have 227 points that I need to blow on something, most of the other redemption places were too far away from me but have since expired. Help me Monzo! :man_superhero:

And help me too! Bring back the £1 offer! :sweat_smile:

Yes, i was at Pret earlier planning to redeem some points but when I looked in store the offer had gone, meaning I had to pay full price :unamused:

I now have the new get £5 for redeeming 500 points but only have 300 with no new offers to earn any points

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Thanks for clarifying

Interface has changed again! Liking it. :eyes:


I wonder when they sneaked this in.

I saw this new design yesterday when I was checking the ‘points for cash’ reward you mentioned :thinking:

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Only showing for me today!