Monzo Points - Early Access [Trial completed]

They are being rolled out but you are correct they havent said when. There is a thread discussing this

I’m willing to increase my vegan sausage roll consumption for the cause… :rofl:


Seems a little odd that the Monzo Points refund doesn’t have + £1 to its right.


Agreed. Reward is loads better than refund.


i would have expected that as my balance has gone up by £1 …


I don’t shop at Greggs, nor do I plan to shop at Greggs any time soon, so I would be surprised if I ever get selected.

Would rather it go to someone who would test the promotion.

I signed up early doors to test points. Not to test Greggs.

No qualms here, thus far.


I’d suspect you’d be an ideal candidate actually.


I don’t go to Gregg’s either, but definitely would just try Points out!


If anyone wants a reason to go to Greggs


Shame your Monzo points don’t get you this “zingy, vinaigrette–y” stuff, they get you a limp, greasy, warm–ish, taste–free sausage roll.

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One trial of Monzo points gets you £1 back (Once you sepnd x amount)

Which you could spend on zingy viagirettey stuff


Ah I see.

I’m not sure about a points system. I recently emailed a company about their points system being fustrating and not rewarding. They said they were revamping. I’m curious whether cashback or percentage off work better than points…

So Monzo points can currently (under one plan they have) be redemed for money - which is essentially cashback

Oh I see, I assume it allows for the spending to not being exclusive to the shop

No it is just cash straight back into your bank account

I’d like an easier place to see points total. Those on the new navigation, perhaps next to the :bell: notification icon

Any details on the rollout for this?

Signed up ages ago (maybe twice actually). Really want to give it a try!

I am on the new design of the app, guessing that shouldn’t change anything?

Some users have been selected for trials, which will last until 5th August. I’m guessing after that Monzo will review the feedback, make changes where applicable, then consider a further rollout.
They’ll also be working on teaming up with retailers, so that may also take some time, depending on how open to partnership the brands are.


So today I made my first visit to Greggs. Am part of the test group who need to spend £3.50 for the extra 50 points. When I claimed the reward my points balance has gone to 0. I presume I need to spend again at Greggs to get the £1 back.

A few issues for me. You can’t see points earned when you make a transaction (round ups and new version of app).

Second issue is that my points balance have gone to 0 after activating the offer. This would be better if it said current balance 0 with 100 reward pending (or something similar).