Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles


Well, that’s the point of interest isn’t it? Costs the bank some money as they’re giving a customer interest on the money they deposit, which the bank uses to invest / loan out. It’s a reciprocal thing, Monzo.


In theory then - can I choose right now to opt for the monzo supporter one - then add on travel insurance, content insurance and lounge access ? (I know lounge access is coming in September)

I’d be interesting to see how this will work with the bundles, what if I choose to stay and don’t switch to one, will I be offered a metal card or will I be forced to change to a bundle?

Not on here, if the various threads are anything to go by.

That didn’t go so well for the Plus event…

Jesus… :roll_eyes:


Oh wow… theyve made a bad thing… worse :grimacing:


(Not a Plustomer) - So it’s gone from a “pick and choose”/ “bolt-on what you need when and if you need it” to you HAVE to fit ONE of these THREE options (with one not really being of any use). Seems so so so much worse.

Not to mention NONE of the options has the interest? Which incurred resources to actually ask the community what they wanted from it… Interest from what i could see was one of the ONLY benefits of Plus that actually made the offering worth it.

This is really sad to see…


Curious about the odd 95p on the Supporter plan… :thinking: why not just a fiver?


Physiological pricing. It seems like its cheaper but not really


Proven not to be the case not so long ago… whole numbers are simpler to consumers (something Monzo are normally a fan of…).

But my point was more along the lines of it being out of line with the wider pricing structure for the other plans.


I’d hazard a guess that “not seeing a lot of new customers joining plus” was less to do with the Interest (personally think that it should’ve been the higher % on the lower amount but hey ho) is more to do with Plus overall not being that good, not the interest.


With this new plan, if I can have:

  • Travel insurance
  • Lounge access
  • Content insurance
  • monzo supporter thing for the other stuff

Then I’ll be happy enough to not have the interest because of interests with pots.

Honestly, I don’t hate this. A lot of people said that the “core” M+ offering (now the “Supporter” bundle) wasn’t worth it; you can now just go to the features that are useful, like card usage overseas or home contents insurance (honestly, I might go for that when my current contents insurance gets renewed). A six month minimum term also seems far more reasonable than the old 12 months.

I’m also not too fussed about interest going — all it was ever going to do for me was subsidise the old Monzo Plus fee. :man_shrugging:

I’m just hoping that the Plustomer event on September 3rd clarifies the direction of travel some more, acknowledges the mistakes made with the first launch, and establishes a proper road map.

I’m so confused :exploding_head:

Addressing the card quality has been missed again too

edit. Not sure why that’s massive but it works :rofl:


For that you’d need the Traveller (£9 pm) AND the Home (£12 pm) package - £21 per month for 6 months - whopping grand total of £126 for 6 MONTHS (that’s forgoing the “merch” package).

Whereas previously you could chop and change it to get what you wanted…

AND you’re forgoing the possible £60 odd you would get from the interest!


If I was to theoretically get the “Home” package, would I also get the things in Supporter?

e.g. Custom username. Personalise the link you share with friends to send and request money.

it doesn’t look like it :thinking:

Unless I’ve misunderstood this new offering why would you make some benefits in these bundles mutually exclusive. Either have a tiered system or let the user choose what they want to include as additions to a basic plan.

My other question is around the ‘Offers and discounts’. I’m hoping it was just for the sake of repeating the text under each bundle as opposed to you only getting specific offers and discounts for different bundles. If not then why would you do that? :confused:

Overall, this is pretty disappointing to see and certainly a step in the wrong direction for me.


Upon reading it does seem you can combine them:

You can get all three bundles, or just one or two – whatever suits you. If you like, you can start with one, and add others whenever you like.


Yea not sure - It kind of seems like you can add the other stuff as well as what ever you choose but not clear - I guess ill wait for my email and see what happens then

@Sheri - If I choose to swap to a plan since im an existing Plus customer - will I have the option to choose all 3 ? Since they all work out for me in ways

Bundles are a step backwards. I thought the hub-and-spoke model was all about choices?

There seems to be endless pricing variations for the metal card. Can we get a better handle on how much the Metal card will be? If you are still modelling the pricing then can you at least say what the floor price will be?


The blog post says you can have any combination of bundles i’d guess since they will be offering their idea of whats “best” for you, you’ll still be able to request all 3.