Monzo Plus - what would you like to see?

I hope we prove you wrong. I can guarantee that nobody wants to do that.


Interest rates ,cash back and better insurance policies for £6 per month more on withdrawal abroad too

Then I will leave Barclays for sure

Just done joint account the other day and looking to setups our bills from this in due course

Reward bonus too when you use your card more than other cards too (free gifts) etc

It is really worth changing from my investor card to a Monzo Plus card…? I personally don’t think it is (for me). There aren’t enough benefits to warrant £3 a month (let alone £6) - I’d rather treat myself to a latte somewhere nice every month!


I wasn’t aware of Nationwide’s offerings, but I’ve just had a look and honestly, those benefits are well worth it. The benefits Monzo are trying to offer here, for half the price, seem quite absurd. For those not in the know, Nationwide have an account for £13/pm with 3% AER interest, UK/Europe breakdown cover, family travel insurance, family mobile phone insurance, etc.


Unfortunately that’s exactly what this is. Pay for the game upfront (£6 initial plus account fee) but then pay for all the unlockables.


I’m considering getting one of these and make my own “Monzo Plus Investor” cover. Gotta hope I get the hot coral just right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought we were all alright with microtransactions so long as the game is free?

Ah but see that’s the problem, it’s not just micro transactions, it’s a micro transaction to unlock more micro transactions!



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It’s even worse than that. At least with a ‘unlock all features’ you get everything. This is an upgrade to allow you to buy more upgrades. !


Do you like or want any of the things currently on offer?

I don’t think people are saying they don’t like what the things on offer are.

The issue is the cost. And the fact you need to pay to access things that also cost more. Why would the insurance need an upgraded account to access? Please tell me if there is any other bank anywhere requiring that?

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As others have said there’s nothing of value for the £3/£6 fee. For the £3 I’d expect at least the 2 ‘custom’ features of travel insurance and enhanced travel money. I can get a years travel insurance for £20 so I’d still consider it expensive. At £6 no chance.

I’d probably pay £3 a month for access to:

  • A whole-market comparison service which auto-switched me to the best car/home/travel/health insurance.
  • A whole-market comparison service which auto-switched me to the best mobile/internet deals.
  • Reduced cost Netflix, Spotify etc. subscriptions.
  • Cashback on card spending.
  • Cashback on bills.
  • Interest on my current account balance.
  • Discounts or enhanced cashback at specific retailers (that I already spend money at).
  • A concierge service to arrange things that need doing, for example at the minute I need my guttering doing. If in-app I could say I need my gutters cleaning, select my availability and then say 24-48 hours later I get an alert that you’ve found 3 companies with prices and I can accept directly in-app and it just happens (Monzo taking a referral fee from the company as well).

I’ve never had a packaged account, never seen one that would save me money so maybe I’m not your target market. I see merit in making individual elements ‘custom’ so that people can tailor to themselves and get as cheaply as possible but for me, every element needs to be cheaper (If I’m paying a fee) or at least as cheap (if I’m not paying a fee) as I can get myself from doing a whole-market comparison.

Monzo should be earning their money on the referral fees from companies or offering prices that beat the rest of the market for a particular product.

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Don’t disagree.

What would you pay for these things?

phone/device insurance would be amazing

But you do (or did) offer custom URLs for free - I had mine changed by CS.

If you genuinely believe that this is good value then fair enough but I really think the vast majority of people on here would appreciate if Monzo came out and said, “We hear you, we’ve got this wrong.”


I cannot see any link for joining the waiting list within my account options in app at all?

Personally I firstly wouldn’t pay JUST to access the insurance. No way.

Overall it completely depends on the insurance offerings. I’d probably pay in the £10 mark for fairly standard mobile insurance/gadget insurance.

Travel insurance I would prefer to pay per trip, so I don’t really have a ballpark figure.

In any case, I’d shop around. Monzo should have done this basic research first, I hope.

It’s in the next release.

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Should we be successful in getting offered one of these accounts soon are there going to be other features added for our £3/£6 a month or is the offering just as listed at the moment and anything else will be an additional cost item?