Monzo Plus: Virtual Cards

My card replacement coming up and I am choosing to put certain things onto virtual card instead.

So far it is Tesco Pay+, Starbucks, Amazon.

I’ve got one for Subscriptions (with the hope of Pot Support :soon:), Amazon, PayPal and one for other Online Shopping

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Just used this for the first time as I needed to give card details to my mortgage broker. So I can cancel it as soon as she has made my application payment. So handy! Would be better if I could freeze/unfreeze the card which I have called “Mortgage Fees” as I could use it again at some point to pay other fees.

Wait, you can’t freeze virtual cards?


Nope you can’t.

You can delete and generate a new one in seconds.

Up to a limit of 100 per user… Would be fine for me to be able to freeze/unfreeze a specific card - and save Monzo the cost of minting a new card number…

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100 per year. So unless you’re using one every ~3 days, I’d be surprised if anyone hits the limit.

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Yes I understand, and wouldn’t imagine anyone hitting the limit. But presumably the limit exists because there’s some charge to Monzo for creating a new card (number)?

There’s no cost for freezing/unfreezing it so seems odd to deny people this function.

I don’t think they thought of it like that.

There’s a whole bunch of things they could do, but sometimes it’s better to just get features out there and then iterate on them as you go. Otherwise things would never get launched.

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I’ve spotted a ‘glitch’ / something illogical on the Virtual Cards.

Image 1 - I’m £728.72 into my overdraft.
Image 2 - I have £1 in my account.

It seems strange that the overdraft appears as a positive amount in the Money Source line.

I’d report this as a separate bug in the appropriate section of the forum to alert Monzo to it. I’ve just checked and this bug is specific to Android.


I wonder how long it will be until we hear more about pot and Apple Pay support. For my use case it would work a dream.

My Monzo account and pots automatically update my YNAB budget and I have a pot for each main budget category. So my true expenses on YNAB, which include a fair few card subscriptions, would take money from my true expenses pot on Monzo automatically if I had a virtual card attached to that pot or for fun money I can have the card ready to use in Apple Pay.

So many ways this could be used and I hope Monzo are taking it seriously and will do it. Sooner the better!


Thanks for flagging @Chalky, this has been noted!

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I thought I’d seen someone mention this issue, but I couldn’t find it! But has anyone successfully managed to pay for any items with companies that require presentment of the card on collection? I.e. Screwfix, cinemas, train tickets etc?

It wouldn’t have crossed my mind until I’d made the transaction, as both of those processes seem to advise of this requirement after completing payment.

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i wouldnt advise using it to buy train tickets cause if u pick to collect them at the station u would even need to put the card in the machine or show it

No, you can use any card when you collect. I often book tickets using a company credit card and then just put my own card in the machine when I collect.


I’ve always found this bizarre or perhaps an error, but surely the collection of tickets should not accept any card.

It’s always worked this way for me. I think the card is more or less used for tracking that they were printed and who, or which card is associated with claiming them, or just to tie it to a physical person, rather than matching the card to the one used for purchasing. It’s just to reduce fraud, and catch fraudsters.

Trainline accepts Apple Pay and PayPal too, so it would cause problems otherwise. :sweat_smile:


Whether it should or not, it does work with any card.