Monzo Plus: Three Months In Poll

I’ll stick with it for a little longer.

I just don’t understand why there hasn’t been a little tweaking of offers or addition of slightly improved features (paying from a pot with a virtual card, anyone?) as an attempt to retain customers.

Feels a little like they released it then forgot about it.


My sense is that the pandemic got in the way. Lots of the work for Plus was done just before, then there was a panic, then furlough, then essentials to keep running. They now seem to be ramping up again - for me, the question is whether there will more coming from anything they managed to land in Q2, or whether Amex was the extent of it. :thinking:


I do understand that it’s hit development for them and Amex was a welcome addition.

Other competitors have managed to release big changes to their offering over the past 7 months though. Monzo appear (and that’s obviously just my opinion) to have stalled.


Are they?

I can’t help but think that merchant data corrections are the canary in the coal mine here, and I’m afraid that it seems as dead as ever. (13 July is that last update I’ve had.)

I meant ramping up on Plus. Whatever is going on with merchant data is anyone’s guess!

I tried to cancel plus yesterday and there was a £5 fee. I cancelled today before I got charged the £5 monthly fee and would get charged £5 cancellation. I cancelled after the £5 monthly fee and Monzo charged me £0.16p for the privilege of an hour?!

Even cancelling Monzo Plus is disappointing.


Follow my lead and send a message in chat. It’s the best way to let them know it needs improving

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Gadget insurance please

Yeah, I think just a 24 hour buffer is fair, then charge pro rata after that

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I know that Premium took over the discussion but I wanted to provide an update: I got my 26p back after cancelling Plus. Drinks are on me!*

*up to the 26p limit


Tap waters all round!

:eyes: Interesting you got 26p, when it probs should have been 16p? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be cancelling closer to the end of this month, I should have argued with them about the lack of being able to cancel on the day for the full £5, but it’s paid, it’s gone, I’m fine with that.


If I mention it they will register it as another complaint in the end! Maybe it’s the interest for holding my money for a week?

Hmm I never got my 16p back when I cancelled :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: I could’ve bought a nice bag for life at asda for that :joy: