Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial


It’s a mess as different colours have no relevance to the branding at all.

Where does ‘lagoon blue’ ‘midnight sky’ have any relevance to the Monzo brand at all?

Oh look more post flag just for stating an opinion : :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:.

(Simon) #570

With new ways to pay, Apple, google, curve etc. I can see physical cards becoming less used in the future. So the card colour may become irrelevant.

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You were probably flagged for being rude. You can edit the post and it will unflag automatically. A simple rephrase of the opening sentences will probably sort it.


I’d love to know how saying ‘if you actually read it properly’ is rude?? :thinking::thinking:

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Well you called it. I didn’t specify which of the two sentences were rude.

Right back on topic…

Monzo Plus.

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(Adam) #576

This thread is hilarious! Who knew a trial could rile people up so much!

I think @cookywook summed it all up nicely in his post. People can see the value, but the consensus is that it’s too much money at the moment.

As for the card colours, there have been multiple threads about people wanting to pay for different colours so there’s no harm in letting them pay for one if it’s something they want.

The subscription model seems a bit “out there” as a way to do it as it’s not clear (to us at least) if you can use the different coloured card afterwards or if it’s just that you don’t get more merchandise after you cancel.

(Splodf) #577

I always thought the standard curve card was a midnight blue? Reckon they’ll be similar?

(MikeF) #578

The aggression is certainly flowing.

That’s a point that we haven’t had an answer to. Whether it’s “pay for 6 months” and use the card until expiry or “pay for 6 months” and have to throw it away and get a standard card at the end of that time.


Who has said they see the value in any of these offerings but It’s too much money? :thinking:

(Adam) #580

I phrased that a little too vaguely.

People can see the value in having packaged offerings of insurance etc, but that this one is not value for money.

(NM) #581

With CuCuCovers now being a potential thing

Surely this means that paying £3 a month for a card colour is now redundant?
Correction a fiver but the point still stands

(Dan Mullen) #582

I think it’ll be more like Starling’s business card, i.e. a single shade with a matte finish. I think that looks better than Curve’s. Perhaps save the “spun aluminium” look for a future metal card?

(William Brown) #583

Don’t forget the branch of hbos that defrauded it’s customers to fund lavish lifestyles

I’m one who left rbs after my business account was closed after they play silly games on me now that’s childish for a bank that was move valuable than the UK as a country at one point it was so much it couldn’t fail but did fall so close the government stepped in

I can’t wait for the monzo business account to be available I’m all aboard for that and I didn’t like Lloyd’s TSB original offering for a business account that had no debit card so after a gap went with RBS and it was hell with them so now I have great service with AIB in Dublin for my euro side but it’s transferwise business till monzo business is open and it’s full monzo for UK stuff and AIB for Irish and euro stuff with transferwise filling in the gaps

I await to see what happens with Monzo Plus cause I’d take a metal card if they offer one


Bundling access to my credit report might be useful, and seems a relevant bolt on for a bank to offer

(Morgan Perry) #585

No wonder Starling closed their forum. This thread doesn’t show much of a community…

However, nonetheless, I’d like to see how the offerings here evolve. Like many, the initial offerings don’t tempt me (although I can’t wait to see that midnight blue (?) coloured card!).

The fact that Monzo staff have taken the time to reply to the thread and comment on their thought processes is ultimately what sets them aside from other companies. You’d be amazed how many firms launch ideas and then sunset them without comment. It feels good to be part of this launch and improvement process.

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(Ravi) #590

For some reason, I imagine it’s the people who like the brighter, more unusual cards that would be the ones more willing to pay for the privilege.

(Jolin) #591

Or possibly customisable. With a digital wallet, it would be great if banks could offer people the choice of customising the graphic that gets added.


Paying for.a card is ridiculous. It’s a bank card