Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial

I guess it works out if you/you’re family are prone to breaking smartphones, didn’t realise it costs close to £13 for one device. As far as I can remember, no one in my family (or friends for that matter) have actually smashed their phone, I know it’s common but just hasn’t affected me just yet I suppose!

My main issue is I don’t currently spend anywhere near £13 a month or £156 a year for anything included, as I mentioned I’ve not broken a phone, or had a breakdown. So it would’ve been a waste for me personally, if I’d spent that in a year and not had any benefit from it. Yes I have purchased travel insurance, but in the past year I went to Vegas which was covered on my work policy and Barbados which I think I paid something like £20 for.

I just feel like for anyone to benefit from this, you’d need to have broken at least one phone, or at least one breakdown etc. a year and in my life I’d never have used any of the above.

That’s how insurance works. Those who don’t claim subsidise those who do.


Congratulations. Sounds like because you’re the person who never has a mishap, you won’t ever need any insurance of any kind.


All I’m staying is it’s probably not worth it for a significant amount of the population, and you wouldn’t want to limit the market like that by bundling too many things in and increasing the price because of it.

Monzo, why not simply offer 5 or 6 benefits attach a value to each one. Customer can choose any 1 or all. Discount for multiple benefits.
Release to everyone and see what sells. Slow sellers, discontinue and replace or discount. Top sellers… You know you’ve done it right.

People will say all they want. They will or won’t pay for this and that. When it comes to it in reality it’s very different. Your trials imo need to be public trials. Get a better sense of what the public will actually pay for. Not what they would pay for.


I would love to see Monzo plus be a thing, but I do share the feeling of most people here that the offering is too much for too little (though I am aware this is based on what is offered and what the cost is). Personally, I’d love to see a “pick and mix” of perks to choose from which adjust the price that you pay monthly. I would also think that if you chose a custom card, this is something that could just be paid for upfront instead of it being a feature that comes at an extra premium over, say, 12 months.

No problem with me being locked in to 6/12 month commitment especially for certain perks, but I would love the ability to choose how I pay - if I could get a discount for paying quarterly, semi-annually or annually then this would be amazing!

Some things I’d love to see in a premium product like Monzo Plus would be:

  • Metal (100% recycled material?) cards
  • Phone/device insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • More colour options (I think and black card & white logo would look great)

I would say that while the above is a list of what I personally as an individual would want in such a product, it of course doesn’t say much for the rest of the public - I second ideas to at least ask people what they would want rather than open the feature to people who are active or fanatic about the bank more than your average Joe.


I second everything stated here.

I’d also like to mention that metal cards are VERY attractive, if the other things alone don’t make people spend 18 pounds a month or so, then the metal card + with the things @megubyte listed will IMO. Aesthetics goes a long way. :slight_smile: Sadly I have no numbers to back what I’ve said up, just anecdotal evidence (Curve started offering metal cards and it seemed their popularity went up significantly… they charge 13 pounds a month, I think?)

Curve at least uses WireCard Card Solutions Ltd (UK-based) for the metal cards, according to the back of the card I have, I don’t know about Revolut though.

The solution to all of this is a pick and mix style system.

The more you add the more you save. Simple and covers everyone’s needs :sunglasses:


Are old cards recyclable? if not this should probably be a separate thread what are other uses of old cards?

@megubyte Agreed 1 time charge for different colour or metal cards. Personally I’d be happy to pay anything upto £30 for a metal card as long as it had at least 2 years to expiry.
Also personally I would expect to have to pay for every replacement if I’d lost it etc.

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If we’re talking about one off payments then I want i things like what offers.

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This could be an idea for those who don’t want their old cards to go to waste

In a way it’s custom Monzo merch :yum:

Number 6 :rofl::rofl:

My dream is breakdown cover (RAC or AA preferably), gadget cover (ideally a better known insurer) and if at all possible free (2-4/year) or discounted lounge access.

I’ll probably sign up anyway for the navy card, but I hope it’ll have what I need.

Could always use these for if you want the new colours without paying for Monzo plus

Pick and mix product would be great (and unique as far as I can tell), but difficult for Monzo to put together I would assume.

If not an option what I would like to see is something equivalent to Nationwide’s bundle (Breakdown cover, phone insurance, and travel insurance) but with a two-tier pricing model; one price for those who don’t need family cover (perhaps around £10/month) and a different price for those who do (perhaps around £13/month, like Nationwide).

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Because, stupidly, when I went full monzo I did a full switch instead of a partial switch. I thought it was the best thing at the time as I prefer to keep and use only one account but later regretted not keeping the Nationwide account for the benefits. I could open a new one but I will have lost the 20 or so years of history which can be useful for credit/loan applications. Now, I guess I’m waiting to see what Monzo Plus does.

Monzo’s created the kind of change that’s really unique in the industry. There are three companies I’m fanatical about. Monzo, Spotify and JetBrains. The latter two I already pay for gladly and I’d be happy to pay for Monzo for a worthwhile service that they offer. These companies have done more for me than any other in terms of the impact they’ve had on my life. And I’m more than happy to contribute back in whatever way I can. Good causes need not be only charitable. They can be a force for good in the community.


Let’s continue the Monzo Plus conversation over here!