Monzo Plus - here's what's coming next!


Sorry about this @PalmTree88 :disappointed:

We’ve paused signup at the moment


Will we receive a push notification / notice in feed when we can join?

I received the notification a few weeks ago> waited until payday> option taken away :triumph:

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I’ll leave someone from the Monzo Plus team to answer that one :+1: @tjvr is a good choice :wink:

(Tim) #94

Sorry about that! :disappointed:

The way we’ve set things up, currently we won’t send you a notification when it’s re-enabled; but maybe we’ll change that :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries - I’ll check back on Monday

(James Palmer) #96

Thanks @BethS. That makes more sense :+1:


Haha £3/month for a different card colour and a custom username. Having a laugh

(Owain P Webster) #98

There are other things that they’re planning to add on later on.

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(Owain P Webster) #99

Here, the website shows what else is coming this year under the core features

Monzo Plus


Not a lot in core that would make it worth £3/month to me


That is still not worth it. This is such a transparent attempt at a cash grab

(Kenny Grant) #102

If you’re considering a metal card, perhaps you could consider a minimalist card for plus without the numbers, magstripe or signature strip.

(Andy) #103

“Business offers products and services in return for money shocker”

In other breaking news, Pope announces he’s catholic.

(Andy) #104

Are we still on course to reopen signups for those already invited today?

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(Alex Barrett) #105

Every time I see a payment notification I get excited and think it’s my invite come in :frowning:

(Andy) #106

The option to join reappeared just now. No notification but I’m now a plus subscriber!

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(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #107

Fingers crossed. I’m travelling next week so that bump in free withdrawals would be v.handy!!

(Piers Spencer ) #108

Which you pay extra for.

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(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #109

Or, if you don’t like 'em, you don’t?

I really don’t get the ire going on here. Plus is an add-on at a price. Don’t like the offering or the price, don’t pay for it. I didn’t want leather seats when I got my new car, so I didn’t pay extra for them.

(Tim) #110

Yup, if you previously had an invite to sign up to Monzo Plus, it should be back now :tada:

If you could previously see the option to sign up, but it hasn’t come back yet, just let us know in chat—we can easily re-enable it for you :slight_smile: