Monzo Plus Fee & Interest

At present, my £3 fee comes from my account on a separate day to my interest from having a Plus account.

Firstly you can’t actually set up the fee as a recurring payment, and therefor “predicting” it in the summary. Which is annoying, but apparently something they’re working on.

But secondly, if they were to combine the two, I’d just have £1-2 hit my account as one combined transaction each month.

I’d also like to see money paid from all other interest paying pots combined in this way too. Obviously that would require working with partners to have interest paid into the Monzo account rather that into their respective pots. So I don’t know whether this is even possible?

What does everyone think?

  • Don’t combine
  • Combine only Monzo Plus Fee and Interest
  • Combine Monzo Plus Fee and all Interest

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