Monzo Plus: External Account Integration

Limiting what’s available to savings account with payments function means they have met their minimum obligation but there’s nothing stopping them going further and making all savings accounts available.

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Depends what’s in it for NatWest? Why should it spend the money if it’s not getting any benefit?

I’ve started to choose financial products at least partially based on extent of open banking support.

I certainly would no longer open a credit card that doesn’t support open banking. I haven’t yet gone that far with savings accounts but other things being equal I’d favour a savings account with open banking support over one without.

I’m certainly in the minority but we may be starting to see it factoring into consumer decisions.


You may well be right, eventually. Meanwhile, I suspect that simply by using open banking, you are in a very tiny minority indeed.

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Sure that’s sensible. Although I imagine the overlap on the Venn diagram between use NatWest savings accounts and prioritise open banking is very small indeed.

I’ve just taken out a 0% purchase credit card for remodelling my back garden this spring. Priority was a credit limit large enough to support the spending intended to go on it. The fact that it won’t integrate with some other app via open banking was not enough to warrant taking another card.

Awesome feature!

Is there any plan on the roadmap to get Virgin Money and Tesco Bank added?


@tjvr Hi! Please can there be some visibility on the roadmap for other connected accounts? The post above mentions Virgin Money and Tesco Bank, I really really want Sainsbury’s Bank added (and have seen quite a few others that have said the same). It would be good to know what is on the horizon and what isn’t. :smiley: “Other accounts” is kinda useless for me at the moment as the Sainsburys CC is the only one I actively use.

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I’d like to add Danske Bank to the list please also.

I know they have their ob api created also just a matter of incorporating it.