Monzo plus discounted cash deposits

I’d like my Monzo plus to include at least one free cash deposit per month at Paypoint. I often have a heap of coins and cash that I’d like to bank once a month.

Plus my piggy bank is full, and I like torturing the cornershop with 2p coins.

Please add a free cash deposit per month to Monzo plus account benefits, or a reduced fee. 50p max


So you’ll be paying a monthly subscription for a service that gives you a discount on the fee you pay to deposit cash into your account? How about free cash deposits for Plus customers? A tangible benefit. (Even better would be free cash deposits for all Monzo customers!)


Or instead of free cash deposits, just go cash free lol :joy:


It’s about as economically viable

Best place for these is charity boxes. Or self serve tills.


Or the arcades at the seaside!


Or wishing wells.


‘Just’ is such a funny word isn’t it…


Ahhh the joy of a small bag of change for a pint of milk and the paper…

“1p, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, ohhh at 10p… so that’s 20p… sorry how much was it again?”


Cash is unavoidable. I live my life as cash free as possible and still have managed to build a substantial pot of high value change (£1/£2 coins) at home.

I disagree - cash can be avoidable, I have done so - It won’t be for everyone, but it’ll be better in the long run if more services, places and people are cashless.

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I’d love to be totally cash free, but my barbers are cash only for example.


He said that cash can be avoidable. Just like I’m sure you could find a barber that takes card payments if you really wanted to.

Not saying you should but you missed his point :slight_smile:

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I agree with this suggestion. It seems like an easy, tangible and cheap benefit for Monzo to add to the plus account. I reckon I’d only need to use this once a quarter…