Monzo Plus: Card Quality

Had mine just over a week & used twice.
The white is fading and turning orange.


looking forward to metal, im not too fussed as mainly use apple pay however the plus cards don’t seem anything premium, i feel my blue curve card feels more premium with the numbers printed on the back

My brother ordered last week and the Midnight Sky quality is still awful. Also has the same CVV issue where it’s left a mark on the front (you can see the little squares too).


Out of the options I listed which are they going to go with?

He’s going to stick with it for now as he’s just swapped from the lagoon one already. Metal seems to be of interest.

My midnight card has same issues. Not even bothered activating it or replacing given the volume of posts on card issue still. C’mon metal… :crossed_fingers:t3:

on Cards, any news on the Investor Plus cards yet?

Surely you already feel like a plus with an investor monzo card? :wink:

Need a double plus :rofl:


No, it’s because they were paying £3pm for them

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huh? :confused:

Not sure you’ve read any of the subsequent comments.

I’ve just reverted my lagoon blue plus card to a hot coral investor card as the plus card looked terrible, and the replacement hot coral also looks terrible!

The hot coral colour looks washed out along with the Monzo & Investor text. Putting it next to my original investor card it looks crap.

Why are all the cards crap now?

My hot coral investor card looks much better than my partner’s normal hot coral card from earlier in the year - hers has no coral core and looks all washed out

I think it is a difference in the manufacturers - one of them is definitely better

I’ve just ordered another replacement.

You’d think it would be cheaper for monzo to make sure they use a decent manufacturer than to continuously replace all these cards.

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They’re not bothered. It’s the investors’ money they are using :joy:


I’m having the same issue… strange thing is I never leaves my wallet, when I pay I just tap my entire wallet against the machine. :man_shrugging:

Just received my replacement lagoon plus card. It’s worse than the one I replaced… Ffs :joy:

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It’s also so much wasted plastic . Why does it take this long to sort this card supplier issue out ? It supposed to be plastic free July :frowning:


Just used this for the first time in an ATM (I normally use Apple Pay and only have the card for backup)

It’s stripped & scuffed the top of the card, looks like I’ve been scratching it with a knife…

I’m well aware that there have been some real issues and that I can just get another one but…

When I first joined Monzo, I was really impressed at the card style and quality, I lasted no matter what. When I got the investor card, same experience.

Now, this card has not lasted and I’ll likely have to replace it.

Not sure what’s going on (demand?, change of supplier?) but it’s safe to say the new cards dont have any where near the quality of previous attempts

Dissapointing really…

I Lol’ed at this…:laughing: