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I’ve just received an email saying you are changing the terms of Monzo plus, I can cancel or continue etc. I don’t really see any benefit to continuing (except I can’t stand the pink card:nauseated_face:). I have cut up the old “standard” card. Would I just continue using the blue one or revert to the dreaded pink?

Anyway, hope that makes sense… Love the bank by the way, the money management has made a big difference to my budgeting so full marks there!:grin:

Contact Monzo in app to let them know you’d like to cancel. You will be able to continue using your Blue Plus card if you want or you can order a new coral one (not pink :wink: )


What will happen with the surplus Plus stock of cards?

As a side note, I’ve loads of pots that could do with a card…

Some people are continuing with their Plus subscription so they will need replacement cards still. If they get worn out, lost or stolen for example :slight_smile:

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