Monzo Plus and Premium update 2023

Weird to see the exact combination of cards I have on here. Even in the same order :slight_smile:


Have you stolen @davidwalton’s phone/identity :eyes:


If the paid accounts had better offers and features and perhaps just compiled them to one premium account then I would be tempted to pay for a more premium account.
I do think Monzo should offer a choice of card colours to people when joining up or renewing their cards.
Also the cashback should be better (not just a few selected companies) but a set rate like Chase. So far my cashback has appeared to run dry and nothing has been given back to me. Still awaiting and in review from my eBay cashback back in December. God knows what Monzo are doing with this reviewing coz it’s non existent at the moment - I’m guessing they have a back log or just hoping I’ll forget about it. I’m tempted just to opt out of cashback for what good it is.


Is today gonna be the day we’ve all been waiting for?


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New build came out as well so who knows :eyes:

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“No test notes” isn’t specific to that build, it’s happened a lot over the years, so I wouldn’t read anything into it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s the public releases that are the releases of interest for go lives which are usually Mondays (?).

I think it’s been a long time since some thing was released only to beta/testflight.

Everybody should be on 5.60 by now which was the secret release :eyes:

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Now we lay in wait for Monzo


Im still on 5.59 - What’s so mysterious about 5.60?

You’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile: trust me it’s worth it

Monzo has asked everybody that’s broken down the APK to keep quiet about what they’ve found :eyes:

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Except for me. :wink:

So what do you all want to know?


What’s the goss?

Have they removed ‘frauded’ yet?


Are they gonna give me better cashback?

Yes. 94% on your weekly shop.

Personal breakdown cover where someone from Monzo pick a you up.

And a new colour card hand delivered each week.


Will they come in a Monzo car that’s hot coral? If so I’m so down

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It’s a car shaped like hot chip.