Monzo Plus and Premium update 2023-24

There is a range of options, just sadly not with Monzo. I’ve got a Nationwide account solely to get AA Cover, phone and travel cover for 13 quid a month.

Don’t really need the travel insurance but it works out cheaper than having AA and phone separately.

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Which there currently is.

Insurances or no insurances.

Unless Monzo are going to revamp it again again and retry the pick and choose option.

But this is the problem with being so vague and giving such little information, people start listing things that have zero chance of happening and are then disappointed.

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Since it’s been a week and noting the above line, here’s some things I’d like to see in any future updates to plus or premium.

  • The choice of either £xx per month or this is waived if you pay enough in (i.e Min Income for freemium)
  • More than one savings pot earning interest - higher for premium customers
  • Web and iPad banking (multiple device on same OS) (ideally for all, but at least for plus/premium)
  • Preferential interest rates for flex/loans/savings vs non paying accounts
  • Reward points/offers for credit card usage
  • Improved family level insurance (travel/mobile) - the current one is not par to other offerings in market
  • full parity with joint accounts
  • Connected accounts for free, plus retired.

I’m personally not bothered about ‘swag’, mix and match etc. I just want to be able to do my banking on a range of devices, get good levels of interest rates to make my money work hard for me, and be able to save easily.

Here you go @Revels, this is the list that might tempt me back in it’s entirety :slight_smile:


Safe to say you won’t be coming back!


FWIW the survey I got recently from Monzo had three tiers, and the first tier only included app features - no insurance etc. So they are at least considering such a product…


Thanks! Will be keeping my fingers crossed. Will just be frustrating if they announce some new tier option with Monzo benefits that I want, but it’s also packaged with insurance I can’t opt out of.

I think a lot of people don’t realise that having multiple insurances covering the same thing can invalidate them, and with most insurance companies keen to weasel out of paying any way they can I don’t want to risk leaving myself insuranceless.

Is that for a new premium replacement or? Because plus already fits the no insurance bill.

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IIRC it was zero partner deals; Plus still has some of that.

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I just want my savings pot to have its own pots. That’s all. I’m easily pleased. Pots enable me to keep within budget and plan for purchases. But now most of my pots money lives in my savings pot. Which means I have to keep track of my notional subpots with a motherfudging spreadsheet. Which negates the joy I found in Monzo.

It must be possible. Please make it possible. Exploring other options for accounts but this small change would let me stay with Monzo which I legit loved and wouldn’t shut up about.

Make it so.

Pls x


I have actually been trying out Monzo again, after moving everything following the saving debacle.

So I’ll be interested to see charges are coming for Plus and Premium.

I’ve not moved my direct debts back, I’ll see how things go, but certainly my spending is going through Monzo.

It still has one of the best interfaces for me personally, one of the reasons I came back.


I apologise if this has been mentioned before (I’ve tried searching and can’t find any posts about it)

One change I would love to see is connected accounts and virtual cards become part of the basic (free) account - as they are with Revolut. As Virtual Cards are with Starling.

I find having a functionality paywall like that off-putting. Added services yes, but functionality that other ‘Neo Banks’ offer for free is weird, and appears “money-grabbing” to me.


Revolut makes money from Stocks and Crypto, etc. they do have a great app but misses the mark in some areas (budgeting lets it down somewhat).

Starling makes money by their SaaS platform, mortgage book, and seemingly doesn’t spend too much on improving their offering at present (app is solid but standard, which makes it great).

Monzo goes rapid with app developments and product development, which is likely outweighing revenue incomes from loans, overdrafts and Flex.

It’s difficult to compare the 3 as they are fairly different in their ways, but all offer a current account service (revolut not quite, but works the same).

I agree though, hopefully monzo one day aligns with others offering services for free, but it would need to be confident it doesn’t impact bottom line.

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I guess that’s it isn’t it? If their ‘new’ plus and premium offerings can be so appealing they can make the money from them, so they won’t ’need’ to put that functionality behind a paywall.

Fingers crossed they can. I would go back to full monzo and plus, but I genuinely resent paying £5 a month subscription to functionality that others offer for free.

Here’s hoping they come up with some truly appealing plus/premium offerings.

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Nobody else offers the integration for connected accounts that Monzo do. It’s comparing apples to oranges.


Doesn’t Revolut offer it? Also… let’s be clear, I’m not comparing. I’m requesting the feature be included in the basic account instead of behind a paywall.

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It absolutely is not. Its comparing free features available from other banks with paid features.

For the record i pay for Plus because connected accounts is pretty.


It is.

The Monzo offering is levels above and integrates with Trends etc. it’s not just seeing your balance/transactions that others offer.


You’re 100% right. Your Santa hat is still 100% wrong until someone puts the Christmas tree up.

Monzo’s magic sauce is the deeper integration of their suite of features (which are features that exist elsewhere for free, but only in isolation, not as a coherent package which is tightly integrated).

The only products out there which compete with Monzo’s are also products you have to pay for.

Everything else is a step down, and you need 2/3 different apps and banks to even remotely replicate it, as well as sacrificing your private data to shady data brokers .


This is the one thing that makes plus worth the investment. Yes, other banks have open banking but there’s nothing like it elsewhere.

Which is surprising. Either this feature isn’t that requested by the users of other banks to make it worth developing or they just can’t be bothered.

In many ways a shame, I’d love to see a real competitor to trends, to help plus the Monzo product forward and give alternative options.

Correction: it was

Monzo has since neglected to properly support the feature and has chosen to remove the visibility of backdata in the app which has ruined the purpose of Trends for me.

Since I can no longer trust the data I’ve cancelled my subscription.