Monzo Plus and Premium update 2023-24

It’s been there for as long as I remember… And that reminds me I need to book a car for holiday time :smile:

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That’s weird. Mine has switched the other way (from old layout to new layout) since yesterday’s update:

Mine too!

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Ah, I didn’t mean that page - I meant the one that lists the plans available. I had a vertically scrollable list, now I have switched to the older toggle switch plus/premium page.

Finally got access to the new UI for the middle tab yesterday. Looks much better IMO


Have to admit I’ve just cancelled the current Plus after having it for a few years.

It was a borderline decision and I might rejoin if the offering is revamped, but the main reasons were:

  • Slightly higher interest rate is nice, but third party savings pots match or even beat the 4.6% rate currently offered.
  • Virtual cards are a slight benefit, particularly the ability to pay monthly bills from a dedicated card linked to a pot. But in the round, these expenses were a small part of my overall spend so it didn’t seem worth paying to keep them ringfenced in a bills pot.
  • The lack of support for joint accounts. We run the bulk of our expenses through the joint account so the benefits were only applying to a minority of transactions.
  • I occasionally used the connected accounts. But I run nil balances on credit cards so it didn’t really add much insight.

Interested to see what the revised offering has in future.


I slightly with regret downgraded after holding on to possibly an update coming to the accounts soon… I’ll keep an eye on this thread though.


I got access myself, its a lot better but I think the white space could be reduced a bit and condensed a bit.

I don’t miss or regret downgrading one bit. Unless I remember the balance graph exists in Trends.

Not sure what they could do to make it appealing again, because the fancy assets in the APK aren’t it. If they’re replacements, they’re downgrades.


I don’t disagree. I love the look and feel of the Monzo app mainly, but it’s dormant and likely will remain that way.

I do occasionally get tempted back, but currently being able to get travel insurance for free with HSBC amongst decent savings rates means there’s no inertia.

That may change depending on whatever the revised offerings are, if they ever come.


One of the things that I think might be quite interesting is if Monzo decided to go down a full premium model - so like HSBC Premium, where actually some of the benefits are related to income?

So plus - paid for added value
Max - paid for insurances etc.
Premium - minimum income requirement with added discounts for stuff

(obviously I am not making any statements whether these type of premium accounts are good or fair or anything, just thinking about what other banks do.)


It’s certainly an avenue that I’d have interest in, there’s no pull factor to Monzo for me since why would I pay for insurance which I get for free.

The opposite is true, if they removed it (HSBC) I’d likely reevaluate

This is a great idea. I think being full Monzo and paying in a salary every month should offer free benefits.

It already does. Reduced fees/higher limits

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Giving away things for free to the people most likely to pay is a great business model.

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This. I know everyone keeps talking about joint account parity so it’s just another echo in the chamber, but running most of your expenses through a joint account means you don’t get to enjoy Plus benefits like custom categories and virtual cards etc. I hope we can get something on that soon.

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Not going to happen™

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Virgin money is now subject of a takeover from nationwide the building society doesn’t give Cashback offers or no fees abroad unless you pay for a flex plus account and nationwide isn’t digital first but branch first banking but nationwide does pay its members I was happy with my payment in 2023

Interest on Monzo is better than instant or easy access with major banks and building societies but I have Barclays Bank account with Barclays blue rewards I have to pay in £800 min a month to avoid paying out and opened a rainy day saver with 5.12% monthly interest and it’s instant access and I get Cashback offers too better than Monzo but Barclays are one of the few banks not to do round ups as standard in fact they don’t have that function

It would be great to have some updates soon on Plus/Premium offerings.
It’s been almost 3 months since the last update from @rossmonzo

I’m hoping this means there’s something really cool and exciting in the works!