Monzo Plus and Premium (2020) for Joint Accounts

Do we know that’s the case though? I’d imagine (and this is a total guess) that the reason we don’t is because it is totally different and Monzo are struggling to integrate it //debating what the best course of action.

Would be really cool to see some commentary from the JA team around their intent.

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Well, we know that the architecture exists for solo accounts. Is it likely that joint accounts are so different that the solo account architecture would be of no help? If so, that sounds like a big problem!

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For whatever reason they seem to have decided to hide the real reason. That isn’t cool. And more than that, reflects pretty badly on them.


I have no knowledge either way but this is why I think it would be cool to have the team who own it come on and talk their thoughts through.

Even if it’s the “same” it’s not like a jigsaw, I’m sure integrating features from solo into Joint is about 10,000 times more complicated that folk might think it is.

“We’d love to add Plus/Premium to joint accounts and we know it’s something the community wants and we’re hearing it from lots of customers. There are various reasons why we haven’t done it yet and it’s not in the pipeline for anytime soon. We’ll be sure to update you all if that changes”

Not sure what we’d gain from that. Add some emojis to your own taste.


Well from me I take it as a guess that the architecture for the joint accounts is a total binfire and no one really knows what to do about it.

Could well be wrong tho.


It could be but if it was, I wouldn’t expect them to outright say that.

My theory is money; if I can continue to pay £5 and get it on the joint account, there’s very little gain. Obviously some people will pay now because they only use the JA. If it’s £5 more, or you and your partner have to pay £5, there’s going to be outrage. And if it is a lot of work for little gain, that’s probably why we haven’t seen it.

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See that’s not really engagement. That’s meaningless lines.

If they’re gonna engage they need to do it properly. But, for whatever reason, they’ve decided they don’t want to share the reasons why we are where we are.

Others opinion with vary, but I really don’t buy it being for risk appetite reasons. If there’s a regulatory one (like account numbers being limited because of a reason) then typically those are made public.

Which leaves it being down to either Monzo throttling numbers because of business reasons (e.g. cost) or technical issues that they’re unwilling to invest in fixing. Both of which they could tell us but don’t have the bottle to because they think it would be negative publicity. To which I say, handled right, honesty can become a strength.

But it’s all hypothetical. Something has gone wrong with UK joint accounts. And Monzo isn’t telling us what.


You do realise this is the Plus/Premium for JA thread? Not “I can’t open an account“ thread?

You need to stop trying to creative a narrative that there’s something wrong with joint accounts.


And, respectfully, you need to stop telling folk what to say or what to think.

I don’t have an agenda or a narrative to push. It does sometimes feel like you do, though.


So what’s this then?

Plenty of people are opening joint accounts.

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And plenty of people can’t. More than would seem reasonable - to me at least.

It’s related to Plus and Premium because if they can’t consistently offer a standard joint account - one that arguably has less risk than the personal accounts that both parties anyway have to have - then it’s very unlikely that they’ll offer a paid for service.

Even if it’s the “same” it’s not like a jigsaw, I’m sure integrating features from solo into Joint is about 10,000 times more complicated that folk might think it is.

Yea, it shouldn’t be a million miles away from a jigsaw… If it’s 10,000x more complicated to do joint accounts than solo then Monzo are doing something wrong…

You know, I’ve mostly given up hope of seeing joint account parity; even in the weakest form: custom categories and virtual cards. It’s clear that Monzo’s staff are just tasked elsewhere; there’s the whole revamp of the app going on, we saw that post over in the media thread about recruiting for an insurance marketplace PM, they delivered Trends recently, etc. Obviously with millions of users the BAU work is going to take up most of the time, and, yeah, having those features on joint accounts basically isn’t high enough up the priority list of whoever ultimately decides on product features :man_shrugging:. Unless whoever decides on this stuff decides to assign someone to it, it will never be done, period.


So to summarise so far in regards to Joint accounts seeing Plus/Premium features

  • Monzo can’t or won’t due to technical challenges

  • They’ve worked out it’s not financially viable

  • Some other reason/they just can’t be bothered


Sidenote: I noticed you and @Jonas have the same avatar (you here, him on twitter).You’re not the same person, are you?

No, though I had noticed that too. Jonas used to post on here (here is his account). The avatar is Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island.

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