Monzo Plus and Premium (2020) for Joint Accounts

That’s not how loyalty works. Do you want the bonus backdating to when you got a loan?

Do you want Tesco to give you 50p because they’ve just reduced the price of fuel compared to when you filled up?


Why backwards ? From day they introduced cashback.
They advertised this as Premium benefit not loan


It is a premium benefit, when you take out a loan. Not money if you’ve ever had a loan.

I’m currently have a loan with Monzo.
Even Barclays started to pay rewards for loans, insurances for ALL existing Blue Rewards customers.
I can agree with you if I applied for a loan without Premium subscription… and then joined Premium and asked for a cashback.

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I think they should pay existing loan customers the cashback for a 12 month period, it is advertised as a premium benefit in app. It’s peanuts compared to what they make on loan but would be a nice goodwill gesture. I can also see where revels is coming from, it’s like a sign up bonus, (more common with a credit card) and therefore not for existing customers.


Upto £60 plus
Upto £180 premium

It’s based on a remaining percentage of your loan balance at each month interval and capped at those, can’t recall what the % was exactly.

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2% for premium if I remember correctly. I aint done the sums could work out at free plus/premium for the 12 months for some people with a large loan.

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I’d like to take out a new loan to pay off my existing loan. At the same interest rate too. Possible?

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Rates are variable, and for any new loans, a new assessment is made on eligibility.

I’m not 100% on the specifics but your rate for your new loan will likely differ, as you’d have your current loan included on your checks and affordability as an active creditor to consider.


My post was slightly scratch that, totally tongue-in-cheek, as a half-arsed attempt at a middle-ground solution for current loan’ers to be able to take up the new cashback offer.


I kinda guessed you were tongue cheek but some people aren’t as fun :joy:


Noticed the cheapest rates are now 6.3% rather than 4.7%. Not sure if that’s related or just down to the recent market volatility though?

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I have a joint account.

The killer feature for me is Pots with virtual cards.

Monzo Plus for Joint Accounts can’t come soon enough to enable me to Pay online via a virtual card from a pot.

creating pots with my wife to organise money against things like Groceries and then using those pots with virtual cards during the month - it’s sad this is currently out of reach.


Hi @opticalview & welcome :wave:

If you haven’t already voted - vote for this feature by clicking/tapping on the topic title at the top of the display, this zooms you to the very top (or just manually scroll to the very top), then click/tap on the blue ‘Vote’ button at the top-left.

No guarantee that the feature will ever be implemented, but a large number of voters helps to keep attention on the request…


This is now the most voted for feature EVER

Come On :monzo: - sort it out & deliver.



It truly astounds me that they refuse to build it. In fact, it really angers me at this point. Years of “oh yes we are well aware of that” and yet absolutely zero funding for a team to tackle it. As I’ve said many many times on here before, they don’t even need to tackle the whole problem (which would have a lot of work for both tech and business); instead they just have to implement the subset of ultra-useful features - like custom categories - that are tech-only (no new contracts, legal stuff, etc, only code) and would get them to a 90% solution.

And, yet: nothing.


This is the reason I don’t have Plus. If it supported joint accounts I’d sign up (again) in a flash.


+1 to all this.

Just cracked, updated to Plus and astonished to find that I cannot use the features on my joint account. Specifically the virtual cards and pots features for budgeting as this is where most of our activity is.

The other key feature was ‘other accounts’, which I also found out cannot be labelled.

I’ll give it to the end of the month to see if it grabs me, but looks like I’ll be cancelling Plus. What a shame.


Still waiting for this. Almost 3 years now.

I just can’t believe it’s difficult to do things like virtual cards or custom categories for joint accounts when the architecture is already there for solo accounts.

Would sign up for this tomorrow if available.