Monzo Plus and Premium (2020) for Joint Accounts

Fingers crossed for “soon” :eyes::eyes:

Same for us.

Joint account for joint expenses. Bills, food, stuff for the kids etc.

Personal accounts for personal expenses. My own car, motorbike, Costa coffee in the morning etc. All the things my partner doesn’t care about or want to pay for.

Everyone manages their finances different though! I guess those who have dormant personal accounts must be in the minority as I’d like to imagine changes would have been made much sooner otherwise :thinking:


This is how we use it. Recently moved from Santander (and YNAB for spending monitoring) to Monzo with both personal and joint accounts but 90% activity is on the joint account and not being able to categorise/split payment categories are really missing for us as we’re trying to both be able to see where our spending is going.

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I just want to say to you Monzo guys that I would be paying you for every premium feature you have if they were available on Joint Accounts.

  • I would be a Premium member
  • I would be using Flex all the time
  • Using loans and overdraft

Unfortunately my wife and I only use our joint account and our personal accounts just sit there idle. I just wanted to mention this in case you thought Joint Account holders were a waste of time selling stuff too, because that’s how it seems! I realise that there are issues with giving credit and things to two people but you’re smart people I’m sure you can deal with it.

BTW I’m a fully paid business account holder as well. Let me give you more money!


Just cancelled my Monzo Premium. Unfortunately not having joint account support meant I wasn’t really using anything, and I couldn’t justify £15/month for something I don’t use. Sad to see the lack of urgency for something I think would genuinely boost Monzo’s plus/premium subscribers :frowning:


Sadly, I don’t think the loss of income from Plus/Premium users who cancel because they aren’t available on Joint Accounts worries Monzo at all. It would be a tiny loss in the grand scheme of things.

I’m still shouting about it because that’s the only thing I can do. Apart from doing what you’ve done and also possibly switching banks. But as an investor, my direction is one of supporting Monzo’s improvements, aka HODL with the JA…


Custom categories and virtual cards, that’s all we need! Please Monzo…

Anyone know of any movement regarding Premium & Plus for JA?

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There is no movement I’m afraid

I don’t suppose it’s possible to pay for plus out of my personal account and get some of the features in my joint account? Like i would really like to use monzo tracking with my external credit cards. But adding other accounts is a plus only feature…

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It isn’t.

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No news is bad news.

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How long before it becomes bad news. That’s the question :smile:

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Joint Accounts launched 4 years ago
PlusV1 launched 3 years ago (Personal accounts only)
Plus/Premium launched 2 years ago (Personal accounts only)
Since then we’ve had Flex & Trends - both features to attract customers to Monzo and help increase the income to the bank.

Movement on paid tiers for JA’s :soon: ? :crossed_fingers:

My optimism remains solid. Or stupid. Only a few letters different between each.




The problem is that they say all these positive things, but they also admit that nobody is working on it.

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Has this leaked early? Clicking on it takes me to an error page :eyes:

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Works here…


That seems like a good idea :slight_smile:


What about existing loan customers?