Monzo Plus - Add ons post setup

Hey all,

So I’m a little confused about Monzo Plus at the moment, wondering if anyone can shed any light on the situation?

When I set up my Plus account I didn’t immediately want the add ons (just wanted to take advantage of the early user offer). If I remember correctly when I had the option to select add ons it said I could choose later if I wasn’t sure.

Checked in-app and there’s no way to do this. Asked Support and they said the feature to add on isn’t available yet. Did I simply misread what was explained?

Also told that any add ons I add in future will run until I cancel Monzo Plus, so I don’t have the option to remove add ons at a later date. Really?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Correct on all fronts, from what I’ve read. This is covered in the current ‘Plus’ discussion here: Monzo Plus - here's what's coming next!

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On this point: as far as I’m aware, you can’t remove an add-on until your Monzo Plus minimum term has ended (12 months from now). After that, you can remove an add-on as and when you like.

So, from my understanding, in month 13 you can add travel insurance for example, and cancel it in month 14.

Ah yep, that answers a lot of things (including the poor card quality :eyes:)

Thanks for that!

Nice, that’s what I wanted so ideal. Will just have to wait 'til the option to select add ons appears. Thanks for the help.