Monzo Partnerships

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Is there still a ‘Head of partnerships’ position at Monzo? Curious to know why all the retailer, cashback and discount services seems to have died and to my knowledge never been mentioned since :slight_smile:


I think the person in post has since left Monzo. And even while he was there, his job title seemed to have morphed into Head of Revenue. Which may or may not be the same thing, but implies (to me at least) a slightly different focus.

I have no idea if anyone else is doing the job. I’ve not seen an advert (but I haven’t really been looking for one!)

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Yup I did think that might be the case, especially since this is over 2 years old now and like I said I haven’t heard of any updates around perks.

Have Monzo abandoned this then? Will we ever get them? :confused:


I suspect this was the first bit of thinking about marketplace / partnerships and that the thinking has probably shifted somewhat on the basis of experience…

But who can tell what the future holds? :crystal_ball: