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Hello all! I’m a member of The University of Oxford’s Coding Society ‘CodeSoc’, a society for Oxford students interested in coding. We’re trying to line up a few interesting events for our members over the next 9 months and generate some excitement in the community here. I’m trying to get in touch with fintech developers who would like to talk a bit about how code is being used to change the financial industry, maybe some predictions on how the industry might grow over the next 10 years, or really anything they find interesting in the programming world. I was hoping there might be some Monzonauts willing to come talk at an event in Oxford at some point in the academic year, so am asking here! Please shoot me some answers :slight_smile: !

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Not many staff come on here so this might get missed :cry:

Perhaps you could drop their PR department an email?


Thanks for the response, done and done!


I have posted this internally :slight_smile:

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